Oracle launches ad measurement tech for 3D in-game environments


Oracle has released the world’s first ad measuring tool for 3D in-game settings to assist marketers in better understanding of advertising performance in video games. Impression delivery and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) measurement for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming contexts are among the most recent Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) enhancements in Oracle Moat Measurement.

Oracle released a series of enhancements to Oracle CX Marketing under the Oracle Cloud Customer Experience suite last year, which would have helped marketers understand more about their consumers and make every interaction meaningful. This was created to help marketers navigate all of this change and seize this opportunity to rethink the role of marketing in their organizations that Oracle had provided.

Advertisers must be able to determine whether an ad was provided to a human and detect any fraudulent ad activity inside games as the gaming industry continues to expand and become an important area of investment for them mentioned Derek Wise, Chief Product Officer, Oracle Advertising.

As a result, this industry-first announcement marks a significant step forward in gaining a better knowledge of ad success in 3D in-game environments. Oracle Advertising is happy to provide advertisers with the confidence and tools they need to make better buying decisions to target these highly engaged audiences.

Advertisers can now track ad impressions and invalid traffic across 3D surfaces in gaming scenarios thanks to new Oracle Advertising features.

According to recent estimates from Omdia, in-game ad income is predicted to reach $56 billion in 2024. Advertisers can reach new audiences through this rapidly expanding medium, but it can also be a target for ad fraud.

Oracle Moat enables marketers to effectively measure impressions and GIVT to determine whether an ad was presented to a human and avoid ad spend on invalid traffic or fraudulent behavior by partnering with leading in-game advertising platforms Anzu, Bidstack, Adverty, and Frameplay. Advertisers can make more informed decisions about their investments and better protect ad spend by measuring impressions and GIVT.

Oracle Moat, a division of Oracle Advertising, assists brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms in overcoming their most difficult media measurement challenges across digital and broadcast television. Ad verification, attention, brand safety, advertising performance, and cross-platform reach and frequency are all part of the measurement package.

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