PagarBook partners with leading integrated marketing consultancy, One Source


Financial technology which is called FinTech is a technology and innovation with an objective to compete with the conventional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Fintech is an industry that is becoming prominent for its innovative way of using technology to improve financial activities. Some of the examples of technologies that are aiming to make financial services more accessible to the public are the use of smartphones for investing, mobile banking, borrowing services, and cryptocurrency. Financial Technology companies are comprised of both startups as well as reputed financial institutions and tech companies that aim to enhance the current financial services provided by the companies.

PagarBook is a fintech brand, which provides staff management solutions and aims to reach 10 million users. To reach their goal, PagarBook recently announced that they have partnered with the leading integrated marketing business impact consultancy, One Source. One Source is a consultancy with expertise across diverse fields like branding, corporate communication, content marketing, digital marketing, and visual storytelling. It has its branches across Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai that provide services to Indian and global market leaders across many sectors like manufacturing, packaging, BFSI, business consulting, construction, and more. The firm has also recently signed on more than 20 clients across content marketing, branding and films, digital marketing, and corporate communication. One of the gripping facts about One Source is that even during the pandemic time, the firm has continued to increase its reach, avoiding retrenchments and making sure that its employees receive appraisals of an average of 25%   

The remit will be focusing on improving brand visibility across stakeholder groups by involving various aspects like investor relations, corporate reputation counsel, customer outreach across PESO media, and digital marketing efforts. PagarBook is a recently launched brand whose objective is to encourage businesses to shift to digital with PagarBook. This will help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises businesses, helps in managing the human resources woes, salary management, recording attendance, salary solutions, and payroll management. This integrated profile will help the companies to increase their reach. One Source is looking forward to helping PagarBook in reaching more customers with an apt communication methodology. 


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