The revival of the GEC during the pandemic induced lockdown


India had a tremendous growth in television viewership when it was going through the lockdown. The covid-19 pandemic paved way for an unpredictable growth of 37% in the consumption of televisions. A great many of the channel categories including the movies and news showed up a capable growth momentum and the general entertainment channel (GEC) genre covered more than one-fourth of the ad volumes in June 2020.

When most of the people became ideal viewers in the news and movie category, gradually there was tremendous growth in the Ad volume from about 34 million to 39 million from May to June. As a matter of fact, June 2020 had a heightened volume in Ads, especially the news category which was said to be a big growth in inventory.

The month of October and November was the period when Ads volumed up the highest share (10 percent each) due to the festive period. During 2020, the Ad second ages had an increased growth in particular sections of social media, entertainment, media, and E-commerce. Accordingly, when looking into the case of the general entertainment channel, there was a massive shoot up in the ad’s volume from about 23 million in May to 32 million in June. Pointing out the Hindustan Unilever, they had a bounce of 75 percent increase in the ad volume as it grew from 16 million in May to 28 million in June.

The pandemic prepared to up the way for an elevated volume in the advertisements for many of the unexpected products in the category of personal care / personal hygiene products, food and beverage, E-commerce and had a great advance in the personal healthcare services. When the covid-19 pandemic was all about the usage of the mask and huge market demand for sanitizers, the true shield hand sanitizer was being the top brand between April to June. In the time period, the advertisements based on the hygienic product was top categorized in the general entertainment channels, including the washing powders and liquids, shampoos. The toilet soaps led among the Top 10 categories with a 9 percent ad volume share. Out of the top 10 categories, the biscuits category was the new entrant which was replacing the hair oil category.


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