Television sustains its household screen time


We are prone to many reality shows. The world is now witnessing the biggest reality from home named Covid-19. This reality forced everyone to stay inside the home for several months locked. This situation increased the viewership of people watching television. TV viewing hours skyrocketed more than expected. Several industries were struggling to cope up with the hardship situation but the television channels really were fortunate. They even telecasted the old classic episodes of serials and other old famous shows were re-telecasted. The viewership raised from 902 billion to 1.3 trillion.

Television was the only source for people to be connected with the outside world during the lockdown. A family’s choice of viewing habits changed drastically. Classics mythological shows like Ramayana, Mahabharata increased their views. The primetime viewership also increased during the same period. Television advertisement went down at the starting stage of lockdown. Later, there was an increase in viewership. The journey of advertisement changed new commercials were released based on the Covid-19. Every advertisement was based on hygiene and being safe from Covid-19.

The hunger for OTT content also increased along with TV viewership. People started to subscribe to many OTT platforms. This era witnessed the release of new commercial films via OTT platforms. Irrespective of any medium television plays a major role in every household. TV becomes the easiest to operate the device from a kid to the eldest of the family. Television becomes the primary screen of the house. Television is the medium through which outsiders can reach a mass number of audiences.

There was an overall 31% increase in the screen time of people. On average nearly six and half hours were spent in front of the television by adults. Public service broadcasters like BBC, ITV, STV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 viewership increased as those channels were the trusted for their news service and people wished to update every news happening around about virus.  


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