TFBoys’ concert breaks Guinness World Record


NetEase Cloud Music is a leading Chinese interactive music streaming service provider. They have announced that TFBoys concert which is one of China’s most popular boybands held on its platform has broken the record of the most viewed paid concerts in the Guinness World Records.

The concert broadcasted on 22nd August 2020 at NetEase Cloud Music. It was viewed by more than 786,000 fans, and has set the record for the title of “the most live viewers for a paid music concert on a music application.”

The concept of the online concert is very much relevant to the music fans and musicians at this time when the Covid-19 pandemic has paused live events, and the success record of this TFBoys concert explains NetEase Cloud Music’s ability to actively explore different methods to provide users with high and good quality content and at the same time to diversify the monetization channels. Online music concerts have seen increasing popularity in China as more and more music platforms explore new approaches to monetize entertainment in the increasingly digital world.

In 2020, NetEase Cloud Music continued to develop a wide range of online live shows, which includes “Bedroom Live Music Festival” and a series of other creative online events, while also exploring additional possibilities for other virtual programs. According to the data from iiMedia Research which is a third-party data mining and analysis organization in China, NetEase Cloud Music is the most favored live online performance platform in China, especially among the youths.

NetEase Cloud Music has been highly creative with their content and technology, weaving different varieties of cutting-edge technologies into stage effects and online interaction to successfully create an audio-visual treat for the audiences. For the TFBoys concert, NetEase Cloud Music used the latest technologies of an image overlay, mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (AR) to make the event a more realistic one when compared to the earlier online concerts. As of now using AR and overlay technology for TFBoy’s song called “Firefly,” displays countless fireflies which were shown flying in the light and shadow forest to make a wonderful dream-like experience for the viewers.


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