Paree Sanitary Pads pledges to bring ‘PareeVartan’ with better Menstrual Hygiene Awareness through its Campaign

Paree Sanitary Pads pledges to bring ‘PareeVartan’
Paree Sanitary Pads pledges to bring ‘PareeVartan’ with better Menstrual Hygiene Awareness through its Campaign

National, 26th May 2023: Paree Sanitary Pads, a homegrown brand by Soothe Healthcare, is proud to announce the launch of PareeVartan, a campaign aimed to bring a much-needed change in the lives of girls, ensuring healthy hygienic periods for all. Pareevartan is based on the three pillars of awareness, education & empowerment and seeks to educate girls about healthy menstrual practises to make them informed and empowered menstruators of tomorrow.

Brand Paree has also come up with a small gesture, (the letter P made with the right hand) symbolic of a monumental change to equip every girl with better menstrual health and hygiene. It also indicates that change lies in our hands and how we can give empower girls with right education of better menstrual health. Menstruation is a natural process, yet millions of girls face numerous challenges and limitations due to societal taboos, lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products, and very little knowledge about the menstrual health. Pareevartan stands as a beacon of change, determined to break the barriers, and enable girls and women to embrace their periods with dignity and confidence.

Speaking on the campaign PareeVartan, Mr. Shruti Kapoor, Senior Marketing Manager, Soothe Healthcare commented “At Paree Sanitary pads, we firmly believe in providing every girl with safe and hygienic menstrual products and the necessary knowledge to confidently manage their periods. With the introduction of the Pareevartan campaign, we take great pride in our commitment to raising awareness, delivering education, and empowering young girls to make informed decisions regarding their menstrual health.  We are so thrilled that our Brand Ambassador Janhvi Kapoor along with other social media influencers joined our initiative and took the pledge to support the initiative.

Under this initiative, the brand has organized various menstrual hygiene management sessions in schools and communities and distributed sanitary pads to girls who do not have access to them or do not know how to maintain basic menstrual hygiene. The brand has covered various districts in India, including Patna, Aligarh, Darbhanga, Rohtak, Mayur Vihar, Deoria, Delhi, Faridabad, Hapur, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Punjab, Varanasi, Guwahati, Agia and Dudhnoi conducting over 50 menstrual hygiene and awareness sessions and distributed more than 60,000 sanitary pads, impacting more than 12000 lives.


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