Parle enters the breakfast cereal category with ‘Hide & Seek Fills’


India’s leading snacks, biscuits, and sweets manufacturer Parle Products on Thursday announced its entry into the cereals category.

According to a statement from Parle, the company has now introduced its popular brand ‘Hide & Seek’ in the cereals category.

Parle said that it always aims to produce nutritious products for its customers and with its ‘Hide & Seek Fills’, Parle is going to produce the same healthy and nutritious cereals for a vitalizing breakfast and make its products strong for its consumers which are of all age groups.

“We have come to a judgment with our understanding that many people like cereals as a healthy breakfast option for both themselves and their kids. By making Parle’s portfolio big, we aim to give consumers more choices on fast and healthy breakfast.

“As we have entered into the cereal industry, we will give a new understanding of the character and values represented by the name of Parle Products”, said Krishnarao Buddha.
Hide & Seek Fills is going to continue to deliver its rich chocolaty and delicious experience to its customers. It was established by Hide & Seek which is India’s first-of-its-kind Choco chip Cookies, which was introduced in 1996.”

The company’s premium ‘Platina’ range is going to carry on the legacy of quality and experience. It is going to bring a stirring mix of healthy and permissive offerings into the newly launched division.

In June this year, Parle Products which has one of the highest reaches in terms of distribution at about 8 million outlets, had entered the Aata (flour) segment.

Now coming to the cereal part, Krishnarao Buddha, senior head in marketing said, this new offering, is primarily focused on kids. If you look into the history of Parle, you will see that it has mainly focused on women and kids. They are the target group. But for ‘Fills’, Parle doing something different. It is targeting the mothers to teach their kids.

“We know that mothers always decide what their kids should eat and what they shouldn’t. They want their kids to have milk, but the kids generally don’t like to have it. But the moment you add Fills into the milk, it becomes very chocolatey, more like a choco milkshake. Kids like it and so do their mothers. It is a great concept,” says Buddha.

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