Cadbury Dairy Milk reinvents its iconic campaign


Cadbury is one of those brands that is known for its marketing and dilemma managing technique. People constantly quote Cadbury’s campaign as one of the most prosperous ideas to relate the brand with a cause.

The company never neglected in making its desired commerce plea, from humor to sensitivity, Cadbury is ubiquitous.

On Friday, Cadbury dropped its latest campaign celebrating and praising girls and women who made it to the top with their hard work and are arising as influential role models for society.

While sharing the video on the official YouTube, Cadbury India penned, Join Cadbury Dairy Milk in celebrating and cheering for girls who are making fantastic success stories and arising as influential role models for youth.

During the Doordarshan days when a similar-looking ad campaign was often been streamed, the only difference was the viewpoint which is now changed.

Before when the ad was starred it celebrated the forthcoming T20 series where a player is batting on the ground and a girl in the stadium is all lost in eating her dairy milk due to which the player couldn’t concentrate and was on the brink of getting caught out, but fortunately he got saved the moment it happened that girl came out sprinting from the stadium and began dancing on the ground.

While in the recent ad everything is exact even the song is similar, the only variation is the campaign taking a feminist standpoint. This time the boy runs into the stadium and celebrates the girl’s success.

The entire purpose behind Cadbury’s new ad campaign is to encourage women’s empowerment and applaud their success stories. To share the victory stories of those women who are establishing an example in society for the youth. Cadbury once again stole the heart of millions with this reinvented campaign.

Very few people are aware that Cadbury’s Iconic “Kuch Khaas hai” is sung by the famous Indian vocalist Shankar Mahadevan.

Melting our hearts for 70 years now is the epic story titled the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertising journey that reinvented itself in every aspect and spread prosperity.

Mandeep Malhotra the Founding Partner & CEO, The Socal Street, said that Cadbury’s journey has been phenomenal. He further noticed that it is often developing and re-inventing its brand line with product designs like the pop-out heart, the intro of flavors, and variants like Silk Oreo, Bubbly and Marvellous Creations.

Manesh Swamy the Creative Director, Hungama Creative Services, said that Cadbury is like the Sholay of the Indian advertising world. Every movie they did elicit remarkable responses from the end buyer.

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