Passionate in Marketing in Conversation with Anita Kukreja, Head – Marketing and Channel Sales, IceWarp India

Anita Kukreja, Head – Marketing and Channel Sales, IceWarp India
Passionate in Marketing in Conversation with Anita Kukreja, Head – Marketing and Channel Sales, IceWarp India

Brief Profile of Anita Kukreja

Anita is currently associated with IceWarp where she is associated as Head – Marketing & Channels. She is responsible for leading the Go to market strategy for Channels along with creating the marketing strategies & driving marketing operations for India, Middle East & SAARC region. Anita also oversees expansion of business through strategic alliances and partnerships to stay ahead in the game. Being Head of Marketing & Channels, Anita also supports the Customer interactions with CXO level engagement and also works with the management team to maintain the collective work to a good standard. She is passionate about building Brands. A Graduate from K. J. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce & has completed her Marketing Management from NMIMS University.

Passionate in Marketing caught up with Anita Kukreja, Head – Marketing and Channel Sales, IceWarp India

Could you please walk through your professional journey including the challenges you faced during it?

When I first started there were only few women in corporate/IT because women in work earlier either opted for the traditional bankers or a teacher’s job.

I come from a traditional Sindhi family, I had to be persistent with my family members in order to make them understand and support my dreams. I have supportive parents who have encouraged me, as well as my mother-in-law who persisted in pressing me to go back to the industry after my sabbatical. I also wish to thank my husband and son for pushing me to do what I want. I have been fortunate enough.

There are many unfortunate women who are unable to pursue their careers. By the time they reach their goals, they have given up due to family challenges, which is why we have fewer women leaders. The bright side is that more and more women are coming forward today and we see Women leaders across so many organizations.

What are the key highlights of your company operating in India for the past 7 years and what are your plans for the year 2024?

IceWarp has been a part of the Indian market for over 7 years and has seen many big and small avenues and achievements. Having worked with various companies; small, mid-size and enterprise-level, IceWarp solutions are created keeping in mind that it is suitable for all verticals especially the verticals with strict external and internal guidelines. Currently, IceWarp is investing heavily in the Indian market; recently opened a new office in Mumbai and intends to double employee strength. It has also invested heavily in setup in 5 data centers across India with its own cloud solution and recently opened a new office in Dubai too which is handled as a region by key people in India. Recently IceWarp has also launched its new EPOS version with improved services and features for its customers in India.

What is your take on marketing and its role in creating a brand?

Marketing plays a pivotal role in creating and establishing a brand in the minds of consumers. It’s a strategic approach that encompasses various activities aimed at promoting, communicating, and differentiating a product, service, or company from its competitors. In essence, marketing is the bridge between a brand and its consumers. It’s not just about promoting products; it’s about shaping perceptions, building relationships, and creating a memorable identity that resonates with people. Effective marketing can turn a mere product into a compelling brand that holds meaning and value in the hearts and minds of consumers.  As marketer, I understand the importance of providing clear information to our target audience with the aim to boost our goodwill and profit. 

How do you think marketing strategies have differed in the new normal post Covid-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted marketing strategies and forced businesses to adapt to a “new normal.” Several key changes and trends have emerged in the post-pandemic era that have influenced marketing strategies like Digital Transformation Acceleration, Evolving content strategies, Data driven insights, social media engagement, Sustainability and social responsibility. In summary, the pandemic prompted a fundamental shift in marketing strategies, emphasizing digital channels, virtual experiences, empathy, flexibility, and adaptability. Brands that recognized these changes and tailored their strategies accordingly were better positioned to navigate the challenges posed by the new normal and maintain meaningful connections with their audiences.

What message would you like to give to aspiring women who want to make it to the top of the corporate world?

There is nothing a woman cannot accomplish that you have not dreamed of, and if you perceive it, nothing can stop you because nothing is impossible. Go for it if you believe in yourself. Each of YOU is unique, so just go for it, chase it, and I am sure you will find it.