Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Maddie Amrutkar, Founder, Glad U Came


In conversation with Passionate in Marketing, Maddie talks about how entrepreneurs can plan their marketing strategies for future & how to deal with the changing marketing landscape.

Maddie Amrutkar is the Founder and CEO at Glad U Came, a leading PR and Influencer Marketing agency in Mumbai. Maddie’s 5-year stint as a passionate entrepreneur has been instrumental in growing successful businesses by creating effective marketing strategies.

He has introduced a unique(Pay-by-Results)PBR service in India amidst the pandemic for any business, irrespective of brand category, size or industry. Additionally, he has successfully launched Celebrity Gifting Service in 2016 which has now been adapted by many agencies. Celebrity gifting is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for a client, particularly when they need to make an immediate impact.

The dictum hands-on client management, efficient convincing skills and impeccable leadership quality have undoubtedly been some of his core strengths. Being a PR Strategist, he has always been passionate about working on various brands and exploring growth opportunities.

In his journey, Maddie has developed a strong bond among Bollywood celebrities and media. He has been driving the company’s growth, maximizing operational excellence and delivering financial excellence. His intellectual curiosity drives him to be a lifelong learner. He enjoys travelling and eating his way around the world.

Maddie has successfully worked on brands like FabIndia, A. Lange & Söhne, The Body Shop, The Bombay Store, Tom Ford, Vertu, Foodhall, Montegrappa, Lotus Herbals, Cover Story, Juicy Chemistry, Future Group brands, Bestsellers among others.

He also has successfully handled India’s Top 2 fashion weeks – Lakme Fashion Week and Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week.  

In conversation with Passionate in Marketing, Maddie talks about how entrepreneurs can plan their marketing strategies for future & how to deal with the changing marketing landscape.

How to plan marketing strategies for 2021?

Focus your business strategy for 2021 on your customers and customer-facing actions, such as adding to the value you deliver to them, and the ways in which those actions assist with your revenue objectives. Look at the blank canvas 2021 offers as an opportunity to improve. Some businesses may have been putting off a complete digital transformation. The future is digital as engaging with customers is far more convenient. If that’s the case for your company, now is the ideal time for transforming more manual and paper-based processes to a digital format.  All you need is a strategic direction to provide purpose for your business and help you set realistic goals to accomplish in the coming year.

Dealing rapid change in the marketing landscape

The only thing that is constant in business is ‘change’. The year 2020 witnessed that digital technology has changed the face of business.  For an organisation, it is important to embrace digital disruption in order to gain a competitive advantage. When an industry experiences digital disruption, it typically signals that consumer needs are shifting. According to me, if leaders understand the market trends and what their customers are looking for it is easy to adapt any kind of change within the marketing landscape.

Tips on implementing strategies that promote the company and engage customers

Making right use of media channels and understanding the audience on each platform helps you engage with your target audience and promote your company.

Offering Compelling Content to Attract Customers?

Content can be a cost-effective way of getting leads. By having a marketing strategy that consistently delivers high-quality content, you’ll get the word out about your company to attract potential customers and successfully expand your business. At Glad U Came we believe in building trust by providing relevant information that helps prospects and customers make a decision.

Tracking marketing campaigns digitally

It’s incredibly important to have a strong marketing strategy. It is equally important to be able to track your marketing plan to maximize your results. All major ad networks or channels, like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google AdWords or Instagram, provide a conversion tracking tool. These tools are incredibly important because they let you determine whether your paid campaigns are actually working. Glad U Came uses website analytics, CRM and KPI’s to effectively track our marketing campaigns.


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