PayNearby launched ‘PayNearby University’ to empower retailers


Zidd Aage Badhne Ki, PayNearby, India’s leading branchless banking and digital payment network in continuation with its brand spirit it has launched PayNearby University.

PayNearby University is a trading app to educate and handhold the retail partners towards a better life hood for themselves and their families.

More than 15 lakh retailers use the PayNearBy app to serve close to 15 crore Indians. The success of this model is not only based on daily 10 transactions or monthly Gross Transaction Value of 5500 crores plus, but also the social reach across more than 17,500 PIN codes in the country.  It helps to raise both the retailers and consumers in those areas and access to the government’s Direct Benefit Transactions disbursements in an easy way.

Retailers can gain more knowledge and learn about the financial product and services the company offers, and also about how to use those services and platforms efficiently.

The app is now available in all over 10 regional languages and is designed to empower by fully utilizing the full potential of the platforms and help to create a thriving ecosystem for the retail community.

This PayNearby University will mainly build to educate, engage and push to assist the financial and digital services including banking services like cash withdrawal, goal-based savings, and insurance for a long time. 

With over more than 200+ videos are available and excellent responses over 3,50,000 users visiting the module. For making this learning journey more intense, completions of certificates are also available which can be downloaded on completion of assessments.

Every retailer needs to know the minimum knowledge and skills about the work so that it will be easy and engaging with customers.

PayNearby wants to take all the possible steps to ensure the sustainable livelihoods of the retailers. The free-of-cost module will help retailers to learn at their convenience in their language. PayNearby will empower and create a vision to empower and upskill the retailers. It also helps the retailers to become financially independent and aware of the digital Pradhan’s.

For India to develop and grow, the retail community must give the essential support and tools to stay in this fast-evolving economy.

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