Philips’ digital campaign underlines hair as a tool to express oneself


Philips India’s digital campaign underlines how hair is an important extension to express oneself. ‘Style That Speaks for You’ digital campaign by Philips’ analyses how hair is a form of expression that should be cared for. The campaign is aimed at reuniting women with their love for their hair and take care of it.

Philips India, the leading lifestyle brand for both male and female grooming gadgets, had recently launched a new digital campaign #StyleThatSpeaksForYou, intending to bring back women’s love for their hair and the need to take care of it. With their latest technology and innovation, Philips Personal Care’s range of styling gadgets allows its customers to create their style and care. The campaign is focused on the concept that women should use their hair to express themselves in little ways possible every day. The campaign thus puts into light how hair is an important factor to express oneself and therefore it should be cared for and styled “kyunki baal bolte hain” because hair speaks.

Hence to promote the importance of hair care and styling, Philips’ has launched this new campaign through all its social media platforms. Hair a unique feature that expresses itself through a language of its own, a language the outside world understands. Women use their hair as a tool to express their multiple moods and expressions. This way of expressing oneself is a more effective and direct way of getting the point across than using the words themselves. Hair holds a special place in a women’s hearts and lives, and why caring for their hair is important, irrespective of the situation.

Gulbahar Taurani, Vice President, personal health, Philips Indian Subcontinent, Philips India, said, “Philips has always put its customers’ needs first, over its years in the market. We have introduced new solutions that have helped in the activation of the magic of personal care and style. This thought also becomes a creation for our campaign that resounds with women and their need to express themselves to the world. This campaign puts light into the importance of how the simple act of hair care and hair-styling enables their hair to do the talking with its exceptional & beautiful silent language.”


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