Piramal Consumer Products division expands the Tetmosol soap brand; introduces the Icy Cool variant


Mumbai, India | June 27, 2023: Piramal Pharma Limited’s Consumer Products Division (CPD)today introduced  the Icy Cool variant of Tetmosol soap. It promises to reduce the body temperature by 6 degrees, providing protection from the heat and fights skin infections. The brand has launched a new campaign, ‘Garmi mein sabse cool, Tetmosol icy cool’. 

Tetmosol has been our key brand since inception and is recommended by doctors in the skin infection category, especially, scabicides. The product has been built using doctor prescriptions and cures skin infections such as scabies, rashes, itching etc. The new icy cool variant of Tetmosol has an added benefit of Icy Cool Menthol which is poised to protect consumers from skin infections aggravated during summers.  

Nitish Bajaj, CEO, Piramal Consumer Products Division said, “Summers bring the challenge of coping with skin infections, combined with heat and sweat that can cause immense discomfort.  Tetmosol Icy Cool variant effectively fights skin infections while delivering a refreshing and cooling experience. We are also furthering our association with Ajay Devgn to deliver our message through our new campaign on the brand’s efficacy and trustworthiness.”

YouTube Link for the campaign – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA7lsVy7apA 

Tetmosol, one of the doctor-prescribed brands for skin infections, has significantly expanded its retail presence in India, now reaching an extensive network of 3.33 lakh chemist stores. With a range of trusted products including soap bars, dusting powder, and medicinal cream, Tetmosol remains dedicated to its mission of providing high-quality products that deliver exceptional results, 

*Study conducted as per standard testing protocol. Skin temperature starts to return to normal in few minutes.