Pizza Hut launches “Ultimate Pan Satisfaction” campaign


Pizza Hut introduces a new campaign named “Ultimate Pan Satisfaction”. The campaign is promoted on all digital media platforms and social media about the launch of the new range of pan pizzas available at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut has introduced ten new range of pan pizza and the company expects a growth of 30% in sales as there is strong delivery, increasing orders, and the launch of the new range of pan pizzas.

The pan pizza of Pizza Hut was created in the US in the year 1980 and still the product is the one which satisfies the expectations of the customers. The company is hosting celebrations in over 55 countries and announcing October as the Global pizza month and introducing a new range of pizza and by providing various offers to the customers as part of celebrating the 40th pan anniversary.

The new range launched includes pizza which is delicious and which meets the requirements of customers and which are loaded with more toppings and combined with a thicker and flavored herb sauce along with pure mozzarella cheese and the dough are made in stores freshly every day.

The new range of pan pizza which is specially created to satisfy the taste buds of the Indian customers and is claimed to be the ultimate satisfaction in every bite. It includes Malai Chicken tikka, Veg Kebab surprise, Chicken pepper crunch, and Double paneer supreme.

After the launch of the new range, Pizza Hut has retained its pricing and still provides various offers like Hut treat meals, Buy one get one free, etc where the new range launched can be accessed by the customers by enjoying the same offers as before.

Managing director of Pizza Hut of the Indian subcontinent, Merrill Pereyra stated that the company exists because of their love for pizza and are sure that customers will enjoy the new range of pizza. The company is focusing on the growth in the delivery and making investments to create new inventions. The company also states that to achieve the desired goal the following factors play an important role which includes hygiene and safety measures and through the proper delivery systems.

Marketing director of Pizza Hut India, Neha stated that the brand claims that the campaign perfectly illustrates the promise offered by the ultimate oh so satisfying pizza experience and claims it’s very satisfying and compares it with the satisfaction like getting a perfect game score, etc.


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