“MainFarkNahi Karta” campaign launched by Tata Green Batteries


Tata Autocomp GY Batteries have manufactured the Tata Green batteries and have launched a new advertisement in collaboration with WAT consult which is the hybrid digital agency of Dentsu International.

The campaign concept is derived from “Naye India ki Nayi battery” which means new India’s new battery and the campaign is named “MainFarkNahi Karta” where it focuses to get connected to every Indian who accept change. Through the campaign film, the company wants to promote the concept that eradicates the thought of discrimination where people instead of discriminating against others of their difference, people should try to accept the difference.

The campaign film begins with the saying I don’t show any difference and that everyone is different and no one should discriminate against others and the next scene shows a farmer who says that the impossible could be made possible and that the thought of people has changed and that a farmer is always a farmer and that there is no need to differentiate between genders and the film shows the farmer’s wife driving the tractor in the field.

The campaign film shows different people treating others equally and the film ends with the saying that everyone is born in the same land and that everyone has to be treated equally without discriminating against others and that this is a new India.

The campaign film is currently filmed mainly in four different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, through which the company can expand and the campaign was created keeping in mind about the diversity of the Indian customers. The campaign also has given a chance to customers where they can share their views and options about the new campaign.

The chief executive officer of Tata green batteries, Ravi Gupta stated that the concept is based on the ideology that equal rights for all the citizens and also shows that the company believes in one nation. The company claims that they don’t discriminate against their customer and that they treat them equally and also serve with the same spirit at all times.

The CEO of WAT Consult, Heeru Dingra Stated that the campaign creates an emotional connection by linking the brand’s motive of creating a new India. The campaign film shows real-life experience and the campaign respects those people who do not differentiate anyone by displaying some minor changes that at times may be ignored.


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