Popular cryptocurrencies that are in circulation today


For the past two months, Bitcoin has rocked the crypto market with a record-breaking price rally.

Mostly, cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization attract the most investors, but all have blockchain-based tokens and cryptocurrencies. The goal of cryptocurrencies is to enable people with the simplest ways to make money. In this article, we have listed the most bizarre and unusual cryptocurrencies currently in circulation in the crypto market.

Ert Vertcoin: Vertcoin was primarily built by its development team to incorporate additional decentralization measures while maintaining a consistent track record of improving the basic network of decentralization. It uses the ASIC-resistant proof-of-work mechanism to issue new coins, secure the network, validate transactions and motivate miners.

Co Mooncoin: Launched in 2013 by Mooncoin. The average distance between the Moon and the Earth is an altcoin used as its distribution unit parameters. Despite the strange name, the Moon’s basic network and functions are quite normal. The transaction is cost effective and features less block time, making it an easily mined asset.

TrumpCoin: Although the TrumpCoin website is not directly affiliated with Donald Trump, it is in line with his agenda and finances various projects nationally and around the world. This is not the only crypto in the political domain. There are dozens of failed and bizarre political cryptocurrencies in the market.

In Putincoin: PutinCoin is a cryptocurrency created to pay homage to Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Many cryptocurrencies view PUT as a parody of TrumpCoin, while others see it as a genuine compliment to the president.

Potcoin: Potcoin recognizes itself as the ‘future of the cannabis industry’. It provides blockchain payment technology and ecosystem system solutions to empower the cannabis industry. The PotCoin Foundation was established to finance development and raise awareness of its mission. The company is supported by veterans and founding community members and is revolutionizing the legal cannabis industry.

Ent DentaCoin: DentaCoin is a cryptocurrency for dentists and dentists. It is a digital currency and blockchain network for the global dental industry. It focuses on helping patients and dentists share data, medical records, business products, and money for procedures.

Petro: Launched by the Venezuelan government in 2018, it works with the support of oil, gas, gold and diamonds to sustain the country’s struggling economy. At the time of launch, the president did not give any details on how cryptocurrency would fit into the current monetary and cryptocurrency landscape, but it was not the first cryptocurrency to emerge in Venezuela.

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