Possession of Digital skills assures you both demand and salary hikes


The coronavirus pandemic made the large, mid, and low-level IT firms struggle with the high attrition rates. Hiring fresh college graduates is one of the first endeavors initiated by these companies to resolve the challenge of attrition.

The hiring process of India’s technology companies has increased exponentially at a higher rate during the post-Covid period when compared to the pre-covid times.

Talent and performance of the employees are dual weapons that could sustain the growth of a company as well as reduce its attrition rate. Talent war has emerged as the key trend in the hiring process. It is a major challenge to choose the right candidate with the right talent.

In today’s digitalized world, companies search for candidates who are not just qualified in their specific degrees but can adhere and adapt to the ever-changing, ever-evolving technologies. The candidate should be able to display an array of digital skills that are the need of the hour.

In this era of digital transformation, companies are searching for candidates with digital niche skills such as Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Machine learning, and Robotics. AI and blockchain are premium skillsets that would offer candidates a wide range of career opportunities.

AI plays a major role in increasing the prospects of the Indian economy. People with AI skills can transform and increase the growth of Indian businesses with intelligence and technology. Blockchain technology is another most demanding skill to have a higher income. India is a country that has a great demand for blockchain developers. Exchanging loans and assets through blockchain technology has emerged.

Performance is considered as the key driver for the growth of the employee as well his salary increment. Performance appraisal is the best method to demand and justify the candidate’s need for a salary hike. It is a self-assessment document of the employee which consists of his achievements, shortcomings, skill training and certifications employer’s feedback, and action plan for the future.

The performance of the employee can be calculated with newer technological methods such as talent analytics. It could track the work of the employee, his commitments, achievements during his journey as an applicant to the employee in a company.

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