Post-Covid trends of 2021 by DDB Mudra Group


DDB Mudra Group has brought into light an e-book named the ‘Point of New’. It comprises various collections of essays that scrutinizes change in consumer behaviour due to the arrival of covid-19. The strategy team has noted 15 essays that guided in shaping decisions for the new world.


Showing the trend, ‘Identity – The coming of age of individuality’, the question ‘To be or not to be?’ is answered focusing on our identity.

This defines our identity in allegiance to geographical, linguistic, sexual, or gender-based markers. It expresses that pandemic has provided some answers to what makes us who we truly are, an idea which we have spent ages constructing, perfecting, and most importantly, denouncing.


Elaborating about the ‘Beautiful Minds – An idea whose time is now’, defines how a person’s well-being and mental health are shaped by beauty.

3) Consuming

‘Shopping our way to a meaningful maximalism’ trend points out that we are reanalysing ‘how much’ we consume but we are not questioning ‘why’ we consume.

4) Learning

Highlighting on ‘We are all students now’, shows the situations during the pandemic.  While online classes are making inquiry and discovery in the primary mode of teaching over instructions and lectures, they are also laying bare the digital divide within our nation.

5) Viewing

Focusing on the ‘When content becomes connection’ points out that Indians watched about 2.4 million years of content in the week of lockdown.

6) Unwinding

Underlining the ‘Leisure is where you find it’, says that humans as creatures of habit have been full apart and what was meant restricted during the weekends finds its way into the weekends of lockdown.

7) Living

The trend ‘Homes that work harder’ interprets that homes, apart from working functionally, are the single source of sanitary through their sanitization capabilities and healthier planning.

8) Well-being

The theme, ‘Once a state of mind, now an ambition’ says that pandemic has brought well-being into the mainstream with full glory. Not only physical health was taken care but mental health was being normalized.

9) Parenting

The trend ‘A lesson in pivoting’, has forced new parents to revisit the very fundamentals of what they know to be true of parenting.

10) Dressing

‘Sartorial stories we tell ourselves’ highlights that global pandemic will change how we perceive, purchase, and interact with most categories of our clothing.

11) Dining

‘Was eating out ever about eating?’ says that the pandemic triggered the people’s relationship with food that is consumed out of the home.

12) Moving

‘When the public goes private’ points out that the spread of the virus has resulted in a rise in people preferring social bubbles to step out or hang out with.

13) Mobility

 ‘Finding mobility and stability’ points to the slowdown of pollution and a healing environment. On the other end, people experienced pay cuts, reduced work hours, and job losses.

14) Working

‘Careers beyond linear growth’, says that lockdown gave people more time and less supervision during their working hours.

15) Belonging

‘The vaccine that will save us’, shows that people have understood the value of togetherness during the lockdown.

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