Liva aims towards sustainable clothing with ‘Thoughtfully Fashionable’ campaign


LIVA, the new age design brand from the Aditya Birla Group, has consistently been in the market for its consideration towards sustainable and good quality garments for its design innovations and products. This season LIVA has launched one more campaign which is called ‘Thoughtfully Fashionable’ pointed towards influencing fashion lovers and customers towards cognizant and smart style decisions.

LIVA gets this brand thought from the scope of textures that are improved with filaments sourced from characteristic and sustainable assets which makes the clothing garment normally agreeable and to be in high style.

Remaining updated to the current occasions and the changing world we live in, LIVA’s Thoughtfully Fashionable promotional campaign brings alive the requirement for more straightforwardness and responsibility in design. Hence, the promotion focuses to make awareness of fashion among the purchasers which is a big motivator for design today and it is something that makes you be more sure of your character, something that encourages you to be agreeable in your skin, and something that helps the surroundings.

With dark swan situations, testing the organizations across the globe, the promotional campaign has been arranged, remembering the significance of development – in design as well as in media utilization also. There is a change in content utilization for designs, a valid example is the expanded use of web-based media in contrast with traditional media. Consequently, the campaign centers solely around the advanced mediums.

It asks the people to come in and participate in this interesting campaigns through connecting with conversations like ‘How green is your wardrobe’, ‘Real Price of your Fashion’ with influencers like Roshini Bhatia, Juhi Godambe, and Aakriti Rana who are backers of the fashion. The campaign makes the audience think about the cause and the future impact rather than thinking about the functional and emotional benefits. It further empowers to support sustainable fashion design through the other platforms.

With the need to endorse the idea of sustainable fashion design they provide buyers with fashionable design with eco-friendly products and fashion designers Gabriella Demetriades , Rina Dhaka and Rima Nayak have designed unique collections with fabrics of LIVA.

Another film for this campaign features the miss diva finalists to promote the concept.


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