ITC Classmate’s New Campaign Which Aims To Foster Creativity In Children


The Famous notebook brand, ITC Classmate has delivered a promotion film for its origami notebook, the first in a progression of commitment-based note pads under its Classmate Interactive arrangement. Pointed toward urging understudies to learn through ‘Do It Yourself’ exercises, the origami notebook will improve their innovativeness and creative mind through experiential learning. Origami is the specialty of collapsing paper to make models that will assist kids with improving their perception aptitudes, create a creative mind, and improve fixation; along these lines, assisting youngsters with practicing their innovativeness.

Classmate is an Indian brand of understudy writing material items. ITC Limited (previously Indian Tobacco Company) dispatched its Classmate image in 2003 with the journal’s classification. Thusly, Classmate added pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, and math boxes to its portfolio. ITC Classmate was the main Indian organization to join the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN). Paperkraft Premium Business Paper is a result of ITC Limited and is the nation’s greenest paper plant. ITC contributes towards saving the climate: through ozone treatment and ECF innovation to dispose of poisonousness in the modern effluents delivered by them into the biological system, and in a huge scope through reforestation and water protection by planting 8 trees for each tree utilized, which has greened more than 1 lakh hectares since 2008.

This excursion of the note pad from an actual notes-taking apparatus to a more important 360-degree commitment device denotes an essential move by the brand to make learning additionally energizing and intuitive. The advertisement crusade centers around shopper commitment through recordings, challenges, and joint efforts soon. The mission film features the origami journals which incorporate DIY (Do It Yourself) sheets.

Chief executive, education and stationery products business division of ITC, Vikas Gupta said that in accordance with ITC’s focus on continuous modernization, they believe in inspiring children to learn through practical knowledge. Classmate through its Interactive series wants to ensure that toddlers enjoy the process of learning through curiosity and imagination.


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