Divo launches new division for Digital Content and Influencer Marketing Services


Divo is one of the leading multi-channel network in south India known for music and digital media promotions have diversified and enhanced their offerings to the digital, advertising, and influencer marketing services.

This pandemic situation and the lockdown have witnessed a paradigm change in the influencer marketing services and that would provide a vast opportunity especially in the digital marketing sector. The team consists of 15 members which include partners from prominent media such as Radio Mirchi, TVF, sun Network, and s have jointly produced notable case studies through award-winning campaigns. Without compromising the content creators’ USPs, the organization seeks to provide innovative strategies that suit the overall communication of the brand and fill the gap between the content creators under the circumstance of advertisers and brands were heavily invest in the brand content. Divo has mobilized India’s creator community for 6 months by locking ties with social media influencers and over 1000+ YouTube creators.

The aim is to develop creator talents through multifaceted genres such as food, fashion, travel, singing, entertainment and connect them to brands that want to make a difference in the market by combining their products/services through effective innovative storytelling. Apart from traditional mediums like magazines and newspapers, companies tend to invest more in online platforms by noticing the relevance of influencer marketing. So Divo considers it as an exact time to expand their division since there is tremendous growth in the influencer media.

Divo partnered with Fintech brands such as Edutech, Groww, learning sites such as Upgrad, Byju’s, FMCG drivers such as Gillette, Colgate, e-commerce such as Amazon, and LG from the group of smartphones and engaged millions of viewers by influencer marketing alone. Recently Divo won a Gold model in the best brand integration category. In 2013 Divo started its journey as an online video company and has become one of the most popular digital media companies and music distributors.


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