McDonald’s Delhi NCR to accept orders placed on WhatsApp


An American fast-food company McDonald’s has introduced a new system of ordering through WhatsApp to its customers. By simply sending “Hi” to the WhatsApp number “9953916666” and following the easy steps is the only thing that the customer needs to do to place their orders through WhatsApp. These options are made available to the customers across Delhi NCR as of now.

Every organization considers the customer as a king. By keeping it in mind and take it as the main goal McDonald developed this new system to improve the convenience and the comfort of the customers. By simply sitting home they can place orders through WhatsApp is the main part that needs to be highlighted. WhatsApp is an American freeware that helps the customers to make video and voice calls, share documents, videos, images, and voice, etc. and it is the most widely popular and accept social media among the customers. So choosing such a widely accepted and common platform for making orders apart from customized apps seems to be a competitive advantage to McDonald’s.

During this pandemic situation of Covid 19, it’s very much important to have 100% contactless services. so the introduction of these online services and online payment systems make the entire process contactless. Once customers send “Hi” to the provided WhatsApp number, a link that is directed to the menu will appear. When the customer opens the link they would get into an easy and smooth customer friendly interface while making the order. After choosing their requirement through customers need to provide the details such as WhatsApp number, delivery address, etc. Once the4 order is confirmed, the invoice will automatically send to the customers’ WhatsApp number with all the details.

Now, this service is limited to Delhi only and later it would extend to the North and East division of McDonald’s restaurant. Because of this pandemic, every food outlets are boosting their online delivery system to cope up with the situation and to become more competent.


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