Jio, Whatsapp & Facebook a new model in the making


Why only chats? Let’s make payment also through WhatsApp.

Payments through WhatsApp is that the new update. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has approved WhatsApp Pay. The UPI-based payment services were tested in India since 2018 with a million users. WhatsApp Pay was launched to India last month. Now payments are as easy as sending a text. Zuckerberg also said that, this launch was possible only due to UPI system in India.

To support many small businesses in India Zuckerberg joins hand with Mukesh Ambani. $5.7 billion (Rs. 43,574 crore) was invested by facebook into Jio platforms in April. This Covid-19 pandemic led to more digitalization. there’s an excellent acceleration of companies moving from physical stores to digital platform.

Jio brings digital connectivity and WhatsApp Pay serves payment interactivity. Now business is formed easy through online trading and payment systems. This provides opportunity to the tiny village businesses also. Overall, when Jio and WhatsApp combines together, business becomes easier.

Mark Zuckerberg said, what happens in India is significant for the whole world. Tech capacity and local capabilities to power innovative new business models in India the citizens access to digital financial inclusion. So, decisions made in India shape the worldwide discussion about how technology can drive more economic opportunity and better outcomes for people.

Sharing is good and digital technology makes it easy.


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