Fitness for the Corporate Mind: Report by LIQVD Asia


With the improvements in research and discoveries made in healthcare and fitness, it is agreed that to lead healthy lives regular exercise is needed. A new report by LIQVD Asia shows that corporates believe that fitness is about inner peace, overall wellbeing. Although the pandemic disrupted our daily lives, it brought into light the importance of staying fit and healthy. Immunity also became one of the most googled words of this year showing people’s interest in fitness. Once people were forced to eat home-cooked meals, they found that it was healthier and more delicious if done right. The LIQVD Asia Crowdwisdom 360 Nutrition survey was carried out by studying 713 tech-savvy urban Indians aged 17 to 50 who were recruited through Facebook advertising. The survey showed a 95% confidence rate and a 5% error rate.

The findings of the study suggest that 71% attribute fitness to a healthy diet and 66% think fitness is about “being at peace”. Residents from small towns are more inclined towards physical exercises than those from metros and it was found that self-employed people and entrepreneurs are the most disciplined when it comes to eating healthy. The study found that the younger prefer to have a short intense workout when compared to the older people who preferred longer and more gentle exercises. An observation made across all the target groups was that 78% want to become a better version of themselves and consider fitness as the means to that end. Only 36% have put up, achieving a muscular body as an outcome whereas a larger 78% talked-about increase in stamina and 50% says confidence and good looks, and happiness is a direct outcome of being fit. 81% have become more conscious about health and immunity and 60% of those who were surveyed tried newer forms of workout. Tanushree Radhakrishnan, Chief Operating Officer for LIQVD Asia said that the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a sudden shift in the way Indian consumers perceive health, fitness, nutrition, and of course, immunity. Siddharth Batra, Director of Marketing for Glanbia Performance Nutrition said that Even though people have become increasingly aware of health and nutrition, they’re skeptical about trusting new brands. For a brand to make a significant impact in their field they have to have good endorsements.


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