Zivame Creates Hilarious Campaign with Aishwarya Mohanraj


Women’s lingerie is a product line that is hard to market in India as it is seen exposing the female gender in an orthodox country. Never the less with the upcoming internet age and most of the brands moving online we see that these companies are doing focused marketing. One of the brands that are leading in this category is category is Zivame. Zivame started as an e-commerce retail business that is focused on women’s innerwear, shapewear, sleepwear, and activewear. The endeavor which began in 2011 is now being funded by the likes of Zodius Capital, Unilazer Ventures, and Ratan Tata.

 The brand constantly tries to engage with its customers through innovative and fun ways. In their recent campaign, Zivame has collaborated with Aishwarya Mohanraj for their humorously witty campaign on T-shirt bras that are worn by young women. The campaign is built on the real-life challenges that women face due to bra outlines being visible, restricting their choice of outerwear. The campaign aims to call attention to this issue and the taboos associated with it through humor which is fun and relatable to most women. As always Zivame chose to break away from not speaking out on the hush hush topic and promote their products in a different light. Khatija Lokhandwala, Head Marketing for Zivame, said that using such engaging formats to educate customers about seemingly taboo topics is a trademark of Zivame and has enabled them to strike the right chord and connect deeper with their customer base. Aishwarya Mohanraj seems to fit the company ideals like a glove as she often speaks out about such topics in her standup routine. 


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