Pulsar Stunt Fonts For Social Media Platforms


If you ask any stunt bike driver what is their go-to bike for performing the complex stunts, we are sure that the Bajaj Pulsar would top the list. The motorcycle that is adored by most men was launched after the success of the Hero Honda CBZ showed that there was a huge demand for performance bikes in India. Bajaj Auto introduced the first pulsar in 2001 and went on to capture 47% market share in the segment in 2004 with their 150cc and 180cc variants. The brand even has a cult-like following with fans and owners of the motorcycle often meeting up and arranging rallies and other events.

To engage with their 10 million+ community across India on social media platforms, Bajaj Auto has developed a new Pulsar Stunt Font. The dynamic font is a collection of animated stunt font that is crafted drawing inspiration from everyday thrills experienced by every Pulsar rider. All the 26 letters and 10 digits have been designed from real-life images which were transformed into illustrations by artists. The Pulsar Stunt Font combines inspiration with expression and has the thrill of riding embedded in each letter so that riders can express themselves in a manner like never before. Narayan Sundararaman, Head of Marketing for Bajaj Auto Ltd said that the love and sense of belonging for their bike and an affinity for a thrill are the most recognizable traits of a Pulsar rider. He also added that they created a dynamic font to allow them to express this passion on social media, staying true to their pursuit of thrill on their Pulsar. 

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer for Ogilvy India said that the Pulsar Stunt font is a unique tribute to Pulsar fans around the world and that Pulsar riders can use these GIFs and fonts to express themselves on social media like never before. He also added that the biking community finally has a font they can call their own. Artist Ganesh Shinde, popularly known as MilesOnCanvas is one of the chief artisans behind the project. 


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