What is Thoughtfully Fashionable?


Aditya Birla has been a shining light in the fashion industry for some time now. Theirs numerous brands in the fashion retail industry including Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Peter England all catering to the premium segment of society. But they launched their women’s designer clothing line called LIVA in 2015 and saw great success in the segment. With 1.8 million garments being sold in their debut year to an astounding 42 million garments in their 4th year the brand has made its footing in a short time. The brand is currently in over 3500 stores and has partnered with over 40 brands.

The brand has recently released its new ad campaign called thoughtfully fashionable. The campaign is aimed towards influencing fashion enthusiasts and consumers towards conscious and thoughtful fashion choices when choosing their clothes. The campaign is being driven by influential fashionistas that aim to create awareness of the changing expectations from fashion. LIVA derives its brand idea from naturally sourced fibers that are put into their garments to make them of higher quality. LIVA, being the new player, has always worked towards drawing attention towards sustainable and conscious clothing through its product innovations, initiatives, and campaigns. LIVA’s Thoughtfully Fashionable campaign brings alive the need for more transparency and accountability in fashion by drawing attention to make consumers realize what fashion stands for today i.e., something that makes you more confident of your personality, something that helps you be comfortable in your skin, and something that helps the environment.

 Realizing the global shift of their customer base from conventional media consumption to online, the brand has decided to promote their products through online and digital mediums only. With influencers Juhi Godambe, Aakriti Rana & Roshni Bhatia who are advocates of thoughtfully fashionable, the ad campaign asks some hard-hitting questions like ‘How green is your wardrobe?’, ‘True Price of your Fashion?’ etc. Beyond functional and emotional advantages, the campaign showcases fashion, convincing audiences to think about a worthy cause and its impact on the future. It further encourages dialogue through various digital platforms about the inevitability of sustainable fashion.


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