‘Let Your Kids Stumble Fumble & Grow’ Campaign Launched by Shapoorji Pallonji


Shapoorji Pallonchi Group, one of the most trusted real estate brands in India, has announced the launch of its maiden campaign for Hadapser Annex in a newly launched residential project Joyville in East Pune. The campaign, entitled ‘Let your kids stumble, fumble and grow’ aims to highlight the need for children to be given the freedom to choose their experiences and reach their conclusions. The campaign sought to establish a new trend in parenting so that children could grow more consciously, influencing the broader canvas that the project offers them to explore for themselves and their abilities.

Along with the slogans ‘Ab chot lagne doh’ and ‘Ab bheegney dho’, the tone of the campaign is also bold. In today’s hyper-connected digital age, ‘screen time’ transcends ‘green time’. Because of the lack of open green spaces to go to, children are more likely to be confined indoors. The campaign depicts not a simple call to wander the acres of greenery or engage in do-it-yourself activities, but to include experiences that shape your child’s instincts all the time to come. The campaign focuses on the ‘80% open spaces’ (green zones and unique activity corners) that the project offers for children, in which their instincts will gain wisdom, their energy will find direction, and even the scars they collect will find a heart bigger than all obstacles.

During this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic, there was a battle between the ‘work from home’ for parents and the ‘school closure’ for children. Lockdown disturbs the children’s regular schedule and parents struggle to fill in the gaps every day. It’s a good thing that we can do for our children. They need more protection from their parents. But don’t misuse this chance to make a barrier against their freedom.

Commenting on the campaign, Shapoorji Pallonchi Real Estate Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing Parikshit Pawar said, “Parents today are in a race to raise the ‘perfect child’ and therefore often engage in over-engineering or over-safety of their childhood. In their children, this approach often ends up being the opposite effect. By nature, children are very cognizant; we give them more freedom to explore as they become more personal and distinctive. Our residential project is designed around this insight, which will motivate parents to think about today’s parenting style and provide an open space for their children to be themselves, to make mistakes, to learn, and to discover their true potential”.


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