Amul launches healthy beverage “Tru Seltzer”


 Amul has announced the launch of its innovative and healthy beverage which is named “Amul Tru Seltzer”. This product is an extension of the Amul Tru range which was launched in the market in the year 2019. The company claims that the product is entering the Indian market for the first time.

The product is initially available only in two flavors which are lemon and orange and the product price is set for Rs 15 for a 200ml PET bottle. The orange-flavored drink consists of 10% of pure orange juice with no artificial color or flavor and has 10% of sugar added to it and the lemon-flavored drink consists of 5% of natural lime juice and has no added artificial flavor or color and contains 9% of sugar added.

The company claims that the beverage is a perfect combination of dairy with natural fruit and fizz. The company also claims that most of the brands sell their drinks to customers which may only contain sugar and water and that why the Seltzer is completely different from the other drinks. The company states that the product can be consumed by all starting from young to old.

The company announced that the two of the flavors had been introduced in the market in Gujarat and that there will be new additions to drink where the company is planning to introduce new flavors like cola, jeera, and apple which are made out of pure fruit juice and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors and the drink comes in PET bottle and all the new flavors will also be made available in the smart can packaging.

The senior general manager of planning and marketing of GCMMF(Amul), Jayen Mehta stated that the company has created a product which is a carbonated drink which is tastier and healthier and explained that the new cola flavor does not contain any harmful ingredients but prepared with good cola and with pure fruit juice along with milk and less amount of sugar.

The company had conducted a virtual launch conference with more than 350 retailers and the campaign film focuses on the product proposition “Dairy, Fruity, and Fizz” and the video will be promoted on all social media platforms and television and the company states that the pandemic has not affected their business and so far the company has been successful in launching innovative products which have gained customer satisfaction.


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