Godrej Locks launches Contactless Access Safety Range


Godrej locks and Architectural Fittings and systems have declared about their entry into the contactless product category in which the company would offer contactless safety access range which could be used in the post-pandemic period.

The brand has mainly introduced four innovative range of products which include Universal Brass key, Arm operated door handle and two varieties of foot operated door opener. The product recently can be purchased through Amazon India and later on will be made available on other e-commerce sites.

In the current situation, people worry about having physical contact with the surfaces and most people try to avoid touching surfaces as they want themselves to be protected from germs and the company claims that this product helps to solve all the related concerns of the customers.

Godrej Universal Brass key makes sure that individuals don’t come in direct contact with the contaminated surface. It includes various applications like to pull door handles both in private as well as public space, press pin pads, carry groceries, and turn on and off switches. The product is claimed to have antimicrobial properties as brass is known for killing germs and bacteria and prevents the virus from spreading.

Godrej Arm pull handle is basically a door opener which is arm operated and can be placed easily on latch less wood or metal door.

The third product is the Godrej Foot pull which is a door opener that can be operated by using foot and helps in opening different kinds of doors. It can either be opening the washroom door or residential door etc.

All the products are designed in such a way that a person can open the door without having direct contact. The company claims that both the Arm pull handle and Foot pulls are dependable as the products prevent the spreading of germs and viruses. These products are created in such a way that the customer themselves can install it on the doors.

 EVP and Business head of Godrej locks and Architectural Fittings and systems, Shyam Motwani stated that as there was the outbreak of a pandemic, people are now more concerned about hygiene and health and the virus is known to be spread through the contaminated surface and people are shifting towards the contactless product category. Hence the company recognized that there was a need of such a product among the customers. The company has decided on an e-commerce launch for the product to reach out to more customers.

The Brass key is priced at Rs 299 and both the Arm pull handle and foot pull are priced at Rs 499 and the customers can purchase the product on Amazon India and the company is planning to collaborate with other e-commerce platforms to reach more customers.


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