Google launches ‘Travel Insights’ to help Travel Industry escalate demand


The launch of new insights tool for the travel industry has been announced by Google which will create many business opportunities in India. This Travel Insights tool of Google will give demand patterns to specific area users in India. This incorporates startups in the travel industry, lodgings, and booking details across different parts of the business.

The Travel Insights feature will likewise give two sorts of time-explicit patterns dependent on client search information. The Destination Insights device gives the details of the top destination searches and the famous destinations visited by most of the people based on the user’s interest.

The Hotel Insights feature gives the details of the demanded travel destinations in a particular region which will help all size business firms to develop their business on the internet platform.

Google stated that in November the top searches for traveling in urban areas of India include Chandigarh, Shirdi, and Bagdogra. In the same period, the travelers in Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Delhi searched for lodging options in that area.

Google also stated that in the same period the international location searches like Bangkok, Male, and Dubai were on the top while the top growing searches include Boston and Genoa.

This new feature of Google will give a detailed report about the lodging, air travel, and geographic locations.

Roma Datta Chobey who is the Director – Travel of Google India, stated that the pandemic had a large impact on the business functions, especially in the travel sector. However, it is additionally one of the businesses that have been at the cutting edge of digitization. He added that the travel Insights of Google gives the users continuous and noteworthy information for their travel goals from local locations to international locations even during this unstable situation.

Chobey added that they believe that the usage of this feature will quicken the digitization of those in the business that has been working disconnected, as going on the web is presently a basic prerequisite for recovery.

The site additionally has the Travel Analytics Center, which is accessible to Google’s partners in the travel business. This is intended to help them better deal with their activities and discover opportunities to reach the customers.


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