Youngistaan Foundation hosts its Annual Carnival for 260 underprivileged children


The 8th  Edition -Grand Annual Carnival of Youngistaan Foundation was held at 3 different venues, giving a life-changing experience to 260 kids who belonged to the underprivileged communities.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 guidelines, the foundation conducted an offline 4-hour event in the children’s home. Usually, they’ll gather kids from various locations of the city. This time it was different. The Carnival was filled with dance, storytelling, music, theatre plays, open-air games, and tasty snacks. The kids eagerly played a fascinating arrangement of games as directed by Issac and Sundeep.

Young singer JB Akshan, surprised the kids by singing with his sweet voice and cheered the kids to sing along. While Arun Yellamaty, Kenny, and Joseph sung rhyme and tunes to the kids in the other area.

For the fine arts section this year, they welcomed Vimal who is a train door storyteller and Megha with her children joined in this event. These two expert narrators, inspired the kids with their remarkable aptitude and left them with significant life exercises on work, constancy, and satisfaction.  The theatre playgroup of samahaara has been invited to do the plays which left the kids awestruck by their performance. Their play concluded with Mankind won over cash and wealth which is an important message for the kids.

Thereafter, kids enjoyed the music and painted the town learning dance moves with proficient choreographers, Akshay and Sandeep.

The day finished up with the plate of home-cooked cupcakes, and Ikea-supported blueberry danish and croissants by the foundation.

This occasion is a result of a whole year’s persistent effort of the association’s schooling system. This event is a place where youngsters are congratulated with awards and perceived for their social-passionate aptitudes and their learning mentalities that they have shown consistently.

Arun Daniel Yellamaty, who is the Founder of the Youngistaan Foundation stated that Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were stressed whether they would have the option to put together their festival this year by any means. Luckily, with an astonishing volunteer group, they had the option to follow a precaution measure in every area. He added that all were so glad to see the delight in each kids’ face. He assured said that they will keep working with the kids in a safe manner in the future.


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