Budget 2023 expectations: Aditi Shrivastava – Co-Founder and CEO – Pocket Aces


“I believe diversity and inclusion in the workforce is vital to an organization’s overall success and, by extension, the economy, as has been repeatedly demonstrated over the years. In fact, according to market data, women’s employability increased to 51.44% in 2022 from 41.25% in 2021. We hope that this Union Budget furthers this paradigm shift in perception through the empowerment of women.

Today, the entrepreneurship spirit within women is at an all- time high which is encouraging the growth of more women-led startups in India. It has become evident that women entrepreneurs in India believe  in taking more risks, which has the potential to yield higher profits. Women-owned firms have outperformed expectations in terms of success and have had a significant impact on a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, direct-to-consumer, cosmetics, finance, and more. These businesses require the government’s assistance and support. I expect and hope that this year’s budget will provide more incentives to the women leaders of tomorrow, such as interest-free loans and help in attracting investment.

By 2025, India is predicted to have an economy worth $5–10 trillion, and women will continue to be crucial in accomplishing this goal. We hope to see more women taking centre stage in the growth of the Indian economy as we anticipate this historic budget to address important issues for our industries and chart a course to unparalleled growth.


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