KEI Wires and cables strengthens ambitions of Young India in its new ad

KEI Wires and cables strengthens ambitions of Young India in its new ad

KEI wires and cables, one of India’s leading manufacturers of wires and cables solutions serving many clients across the globe has released a new ad campaign that is an attempt to reinforce the significance of strength and resilience for the youth of the nation. Through this ad film, the legacy brand throws light on examples where every character is determined to work towards its goals, despite numerous tensions in daily life. The ad film shows instances like:

•The ad starts with a regional metro service employee waking up before dawn on a chilly winter morning and heading to his work.

•A young science enthusiast finally making a successful discovery after multiple failures.

•A fierce architect who is determined to complete her project, despite a long, tiring day.

•A young female boxing athlete practicing hard for the national championship.

•A proud husband flaunting his wife’s achievement as a woman of impact.

•A girl hurriedly heading for any important work suddenly halts and hugs her mother hard.

•A cricket match unites the family members while they cheer for the Indian Cricket team.

Hence, summarizing the above instances the ad campaign highlights the Company’s key proposition of Har Tension Sahe, Chalte rahe.

The key elements in all the instances are supported by devices that run smoothly with KEI wires and cables.

The company aims to connect with the younger generation and urges them to remain focused on their goals. With the rising aspiration of the younger generation and the usage of heavy appliances, the brand commits to supporting its consumers with long-lasting, reliable wires that can take heavy amounts of loads and makes the appliance safe and secure for use.

The ad film was created in association with the brand’s creative agency, Django Digital.

                                          During the launch of the campaign, Anil Gupta, Chairman, and MD of KEI wires and cables said- KEI industries has laid a strong foundation amongst their stakeholders after successfully serving in India and even exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide. With this campaign, our focus is to connect deeply with the end customers, especially with the nation’s youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. They need to know that we are standing strong to support their dreams while they strive to achieve their goals.

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