Premium Instant Coffee, brand new add-on of Sleepy Owl


Sleepy Owl expands their product portfolio with the announcement of its new launch; Premium Instant Coffee.  

This homegrown Indian coffee brand is Delhi-based and has a range of products consisting of Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags, Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Bottles, Ground Coffee, Brew Box, and a variety of merchandise.  

This Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand aims to raise the bar for instant coffee drinkers by switching up their routine and introducing them to a cup of Real Good Instant Coffee.  

With this product, the company hopes to bridge the gap between convenience and experience which has been one of the brand’s core USP and is reflected in all of its product offerings.  

The Premium Instant Coffee delivers 100% Arabica coffee beans and Micro ground Technology.  

It comprises 95% soluble coffee crystals and 5% freshly roasted high-quality beans.  

The rich coffee aroma is preserved that way, and the consumers can prepare a cup of coffee in mere seconds.  

Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut are three exquisite flavors of Premium Instant Coffee. No artificial flavors or preservatives are there in this product.  

All Sleepy Owl products are carefully packed in a multi-serve tin made of infinitely recyclable material, making it a 100% sustainable offering.  

As a result, this new product is a representation of technical innovation with the consumer experience at its core, checking out all the boxes.  

The product is described as something which will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for the brand’s attempts to expose Indian consumers to the world of Real Good Coffee.  

It will also meet the demands of a wide range of coffee consumers, be it black coffee lovers or the ones who prefer it foamy and creamy.  

Ashwajeet Singh, Co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee remarked, “The notion of “Instant Coffee” in India is not only a function of simplified process and time, but it’s also a way of socializing and indulging in cultural experiences.”  

Adding to that, he states that’s where they come in; if it were just about convenience or functionality, there are already recognized companies in the market that can meet those needs.  

But talking about “experience”, they want consumers to know what a “Real Good Instant Coffee” is.  

“Today, our flavored Instant Coffee is manufactured with premium 100% Arabica beans”, commented Ajai Thandi, Co-Founder, Sleepy Owl Coffee.   

And the breakthrough Micro ground Technology is there to bridge the gap between convenience and experience.  

This product launch is very essential as the key component of their commitment is to engage non-coffee consumers and get them started on their coffee journey with a rich, delicious cup made in seconds. 

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