Prime Video and PivotRoots – a Havas Company collaborate to create a multi-brand integrated campaign for Made In Heaven Season 2

Prime Video and PivotRoots – a Havas Company collaborate to create a multi-brand integrated campaign for Made In Heaven Season 2
Prime Video and PivotRoots – a Havas Company collaborate to create a multi-brand integrated campaign for Made In Heaven Season 2

The campaign brought together a spectrum of brands like Uber, Swiggy, Make My Trip and more to successfully generate buzz and capture new audiences through deep, yet themed integrations led to high Share Of Voice partnerships on each platform.  

[Mumbai,  September 26] – Prime Video, one of India’s most popular video streaming services, has once again captivated its audiences with the much-awaited Season 2 of its critically acclaimed series Made In Heaven. Buoyed by the critical acclaim of the Emmy-nominated show, Prime Video orchestrated a strategic and exhilarating campaign powered by PivotRoots – a Havas Company, to reignite the buzz among fans and introduce the show to new audiences, aiming to make this season an even greater success.  

Leveraging high-impact strategic partnerships across prominent platforms, the campaign achieved a resounding success in both contextual communication and visually appealing creatives. Ashok Shinde, Vice President-Media, PivotRoots said, “For a show that constantly pushes boundaries, we identified popular and frequently visited media destinations by the intended audience and crafted integrations that harped on the marquee themes from the show. This allowed the show to be omnipresent with a creative approach that reiterated the return of the grandest wedding celebration, which one shouldn’t miss.”  

Strategic Partnerships:  

Prime Video’s campaign spearheaded by PivotRoots, engaged in strategic collaborations with top platforms, establishing a strong and contextual presence across various user journeys:  

1. Uber Collaboration  

Partnering with Uber, one of the largest on-demand rideshare applications, the campaign ensured a comprehensive and engaging user journey. From requesting a trip to throughout the ride, the show’s communication was seamlessly integrated into the app. The creative concept revolved around the notion that Genda Phools (marigold flowers) were adorning the streets, heralding the return of grand wedding celebrations. With every step of the journey, the user was greeted with a celebratory tone and contextual copy, culminating in the grand release announcement.  

Video: Uber Journey Video.mp4  

Jillian Kranz, Head of Programmatic and Partnerships at Uber advertising said, “With an average view time of over 100 seconds, Journey Ads are a powerful and effective way to capture consumers’ attention during their trip, driving purchases and building brand awareness amongst a highly in-demand demographicThe Made in Heaven campaign seamlessly integrated Amazon’s messaging, creating and sustaining excitement for the show. 

Amit Gupta, Managing Director of Httpool by Aleph We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of the collaboration between Amazon Prime Video and Uber, made possible through our valued partnership with PivotRoots and Httpool by Aleph.” 

 2. Swiggy Integration 

Recognizing the extensive user engagement on Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience delivery platform, the campaign took over one of the most frequently visited sections of the app – the order track screen which appears once a user completes placing an order. Here, the delivery icon transformed into an image of a truck adorned with Genda flowers, symbolizing the arrival of festivities. At the top of the map, PivotRoots strategized to place an icon of Genda Phool accompanied by contextual copy, revealing the comeback of Made In Heaven. An animated innovation banner further strengthened the connection between the campaign and the imagery, leaving a lasting impact. 

Video: Swiggy Journey Video.mp4 

Ajit Panigrahi, Head of Ads and Monetization, at Swiggy, saidSwiggy’s post-order food tracking screen is viewed with great excitement as users wait for their favourite dishes to be delivered, just like Made in Heaven Season 2, which has been one of the most awaited shows on OTT. We collaborated with Amazon Prime and PivotRoots, to creatively communicate this in the form of a contextual map integration on the food post order page, also giving users a view of the trailer on the same page.” 

3. MakeMyTrip Partnership 

Given the show’s exotic locales, a partnership with MakeMyTrip, the country’s leading travel platform, was formed to deepen user engagement. This collaboration resulted in the creation of Made In Heaven Holiday Packages inspired by the show’s lead characters. The packages, adorned with visuals from the series, resonated with the characters’ personalities. These packages were prominently featured in a branded hub across various touchpoints within the app, delivering maximum visibility and engagement. 

Video: MakeMyTrip.mp4      

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Business Officer – Corporate, MakeMyTrip said, “Travel is often inspired by visuals from popular films and television shows that appeal to our sensibilities. Made in Heaven has been one such cultural phenomenon, inspiring conversations and giving us mood boards for various occasions, including travel. We are pleased to have partnered with Amazon Prime Video and PivotRoots to curate travel packages based on protagonists from the show, inspiring millions to travel with itinerates made in heaven.” 

4. Media Buying 

Additionally, as part of various media buys, PivotRoots collaborated with 25 + top sites and apps including niche partners like Ferns and Petals, Wedding Sutra, Wed Me Good and Conde Nast Traveller to deploy high-impact contextual banners.  By taking over key touchpoints on popular platforms, the campaign driven by PivotRoots, was able to reach a large and engaged audience which helped Prime Video’s Made In Heaven Season 2 to become one of the most talked-about shows of the year. 

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