Promax India Awards 2022 to begin on 10th of August


The nation’s top creatives come together on Promax India, the country’s biggest entertainment market community, to discuss compelling content, creativity, and marketing strategies among other topics.

The 20th edition of the Promax India Conference and Awards 2022, widely regarded as the nation’s premier celebration of excellence in entertainment marketing and design, will take place in Mumbai on August 10 and 11, 2022, and will feature workshops, sessions, one-on-one interactions with speakers, and the most anticipated Promax India Awards 2022.

This year, Promax India reaches a significant milestone as it celebrates 20 years of honouring the best brands for their imagination, ingenuity, and storytelling. This year saw fresh additions to the prestigious Promax India Awards. New categories include Best Voice-Over Performance, Best Static Image, and Best Social Media Content. Additionally, brands will contend for the title of “Creative Brand of the Year.” This year’s Awards Chair is Aparna Purohit, Head of Amazon Prime Video India.

The New Promo 10 Commandments workshops will be given by some of the brightest minds in the business, along with the well-known Rob Middleton, who has been a mentor to us in the world of promotions and marketing for roughly three decades.

Ivor Crotty, deputy Creative & Innovations Director of RT Digital, contributes Digital Mantras, bringing to us stories that build bridges. The power of the story is at the heart of developing digital audiences, and the mantras of storytelling are at the core of our endeavour. Sheetal Sudhir of Dynamite Design contributes principles and theory of motion and how you can use that to give a brand deeper values and dimension. His guiding principle is: What must you do to give your story the strength to continue and to carry your audience along for the ride?

The Brief Doctor, Tim Hughes, will present the crucial Masterclass session for all broadcast marketing professionals, whether they are new to creating briefs or searching for time-saving advice and tricks. His presentation explains how to maximise creative production by concentrating on audience demands and corporate goals, defining clear and effective creative strategy, and managing through stakeholders.

There are some sessions to look out for with well-known speakers like Stephanie Gibbons, EVP Marketing and On-Air at FX Network, Lee Hunt, Founder of Lee Hunt LLC, Rahul Mulani, Voiceover Artist for Comedy Central, and Brent Hagel, Owner of Trailer Voice Artists Agency. The highlights of the speakers’ discussion on their exchange of opinions and ideas will be released throughout the ensuing weeks.

The Promax Awards are the most prestigious accolades in the world for excellence in entertainment marketing and design. In 11 regional and international competitions, Promax India recognises teams who harness fervent devotion to excite viewers, add value, and develop the biggest entertainment brands.

On August 11 at the Taj Santacruz in Mumbai, winners will be recognised at one of the most prestigious ceremonies.

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