Mobile app industry state and marketing analysis in H1 2022


After the arrival of the portable game white paper fourteen days prior, SocialPeta delivered its H1 2022 Mobile App Marketing White Paper, dissecting applications (non-game) in parts of the worldwide market, and promoting and showcasing industry information and patterns. The report covers 72 nations/locales across the world, 90 versatile advertising channels at home and abroad, and over 1.2 billion portable showcasing information.

Dropping in Europe and America, ascending in the Asian-Pacific locale: A YoY decline of almost 30% in the all-out number of creatives

H1 2022 saw more than 4 million promotion creatives for portable applications (non-game), down 27% YoY, and more than 130,000 sponsors, up 6.24% YoY.

Europe and America and China’s central area revealed a huge decrease in the number of application sponsors, down 44% YoY in China’s central area, down 15% YoY in Europe, and down 22% YoY in North America. The Asian-Pacific district (except China’s central area) kept a huge expansion in the number of application publicists, among which, China’s Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan locales had a YoY development of almost 40% in the number of promoters.

Among all the application types in H1 2022, shopping applications had the most promoters and creatives, with shopping application sponsors representing 12.55% and shopping application creatives representing 17.19%.

Application Store’s downloads, income, and promoting outlines:

  • Top applications were generally apparatuses, shopping, and social applications.

Perusing applications had an extraordinary number of creatives; [TikTok] overwhelmed the American market

  • Cost knowledge in the App Market

CPM expanded by 64% MoM; 3 nations had a CPM of more than $10

Generally speaking, the publicizing cost of portable applications kept on ascending in H1 2022, with a typical CPM of $9.16, up 64% MoM; a typical CPC of $0.93, up 181% MoM; a typical CTR of 2.74%, up 22% MoM.

  • Investigation of App Creatives

TikTok, Bigo Live, and other brief video applications, and live real-time stages have changed Meta-stages’ predominant position, prompting wild rivalry among the huge number of live streaming stages.

  • Online media has more open doors

The market of online media including worldwide video, music, and game applications will be supposed to grow from $17 billion (around 110.09 billion RMB) in 2020 to $35 billion (around 226.65 billion RMB) in 2025. Such a colossal market has drawn in numerous contenders.

  • The mix of Metaverse and social applications

Since the metaverse idea turned into a sensation, there has been a new “metaverse” application delivered every day. From November 2021 to January 2022, there had been 552 applications marked “metaverse”

This report’s information covers 72 nations/locales around the world, with more than 90 versatile advertising stages across the world and absolutely over 1.2 billion portable showcasing creatives. You can download the full report to find out about the business information and amazing learning experiences for applications.

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