Tik Tok for business: An aid for marketers to engage with app users? Case Study


Recently Tik Tok introduced Tik Tok for business which is a platform that gives marketers and brands an opportunity to be creative storytellers and directly engage with the Tik Tok community. This short video app by Byte Dance has now become one of the most popular social media apps in the world making it an ideal platform for various marketers to advertise their products. 

For May alone there were more than 111.90 million downloads for the app (non- gaming). Among this India contributed to 20 percent of the total downloads followed by the US with 9.30 percent.

The unique opportunities that Tik Tok offers marketers to connect with the wide number of users in their sites are explained below:

Scale and creativity

The growth and popularity of Tik Tok throughout the world have made it a must-have destination for marketing. Both brands and users can use this platform as a tool to tell their own stories to a wide amount of customer base.

Slight, motion and sound

Tik Tok offers many opportunities for sound: music, sound effects, voice-overs, reactions, and more. With this, the brands can build sound – on the environment.

Inclusive and participatory community

As we know Tik Tok is a participatory community. It is all about ‘join’. The marketers can make use of this and create campaigns/ads that can include the users. Most of the time the users become so inspired by these campaigns that they start creating their versions of these campaigns. This helps the marketers to know the direct impact of their campaign on the audience.

Culture made

In Tik Tok culture is created openly and exclusively every day. This platform helps anyone and any brands to be discovered and also helps to understand what is happening around the world. 

Simple and Seamless solutions

Tik Tok is very simple to use the app, it has full-screen videos that will appear natively on the user’s screen. They are also working with many third-party providers to build easy solutions. They recently launched Branded Scan, a new product that allows users to have an augmented reality experience with any brand.


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