How to use TikTok in your marketing strategy: Expert View


TikTok is a sensation in social media that can no longer be dismissed by advertisers. While the platform is most popular among millennials and demographics of Generation Z, it is becoming the sought-after destination of content for influencers, celebrities, and even politicians.

TikTok boasts over 2 billion downloads from the App stores in Apple and Google and has around 10.25 million active users worldwide. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the United States.

Remember to create video-based content with a different mindset than on Instagram or Facebook for those who want to further explore this buzzy app for business. TikTok is not counting on high-resolution images or polished content. Users are looking for originality, creativity, fun, and a sense of humor.

Use the hottest app of the year to your advantage, once you become familiar with TikTok and get comfortable with its video features. It provides a few choices as far as paid advertisements are concerned, but if you don’t incorporate hashtag challenges, one of the best ways TikTok can raise your brand awareness is missing out.

What is a hashtag challenge?

This unique-to-TikTok content is one of the best ways to increase engagement with this community of users and to familiarize your brand. Users are invited to create their own content around your specific campaign, in a hashtag challenge. One example is an apparel company that creates a challenge around users showing how they wear the denim looks of the brand. Song or dance is used in many common challenges.

How can hashtag challenges help your brand?

TikTok boasts a huge content-creating community. When users decide to take part in a challenge, they create their own original content and encourage others to do likewise. If you are a small business owner who dreams that your brand will go viral, that is your chance. Apart from having the ability to create a deep commitment, here are some additional benefits:

• The abundance of user-generated content can be curated.

• You can partner with TikTok influencers and expand your marketing profile. You will raise your brand awareness as a community known influencers to encourage users to take part in the challenges of your hashtags.

• This additional platform can be used to grow your social media presence, particularly with younger generations. Also, you have the potential to generate more traffic and lead with a new public.

How can you set your brand up for hashtag challenge success?

Hashtag competitions are generally easy for users to be interested in, but they do take careful brand thinking and planning. Although your challenge will receive innovative and original content, defining ROI needs to have a specific objective.

Do your inquiries. What kinds of challenges do other brands promote within your industry? Be aware of your audience, too, and be sure that your challenge fits your demographics. Here are a few more guidelines to remember:

• Create a defining goal to meet your challenge. Looking to generate general brand awareness, for example, or to promote a new product or service?


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