Gemini Sunflower Oil launches #MaskBanaoMovement for the COVID-19 Battle


Famous Oil brand, Gemini Sunflower Oil has launched #MaskBanaoMovement with a new campaign known as “Waqt Kuch Auro Ke Liye Banane Ka”. Gemini’s new campaign is a call for everyone to expand a helping hand by contributing masks and other essentials to people in the various parts of the community who lack to access them.

‘Waqt Kuch Auro Ke Liye Banane Ka’ movie, which moves around a young child who is seeking help from his mother’s for a few stationery products like paper, glue, elastic devises, and scissors, etc.  At first, the mother thinks that her child is doing an art project, but, when the post is taking a closer look, she then understands that he is trying to make a mask at home, for his beloved family and all those who are around with him, such as the milkman, housemaid, etc. The mother appreciates his idea and social responsibility of the small one towards the community and in the end, joins him in the task also. The AV exhibits the mother accessing Gemini’s website to get a better understanding of the step by step detailed process for making a mask.

Basically, #MaskBanaoMovement is a movement of three- week duration that started from June 12 to July 3. And to implement this task, Gemini Sunflower Oil is working together with Concern India Foundation for collecting the fully finished masks from Mumbai and Pune. The movement is gaining lots of support from the part of TV personalities and from other influencer’s side too.

Piyush Patnaik, manager of Gemini oil said that “Gemini could be a company which might understand homemakers and assists them unencumbered their hours and convert it into something creative and improved one. Within the present scenario, through the campaign known as the ‘Waqt Kuch Auro Ke Liye Banane Ka’, they are focused to encourage their consumers to help their community. For that, they have put forwarded the fact that wearing masks is going to be a key element in our lives for the predictable future, this movement is focused at motivating consumers to be a part of this attempt.”

Kavita Shah, Chief executive officer of Concern India Foundation said that “They are very happy to be partnered with Gemini Sunflower Oil for the #MaskBanaoMovement. This movement has the future to motivate all to engage and play a role in the overall benefit of the community.”


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