Male intimate hygiene care brand Nuutjob unrolls ad campaign


Nuutjob, the male intimate hygiene and priming brand of Shark Tank India fame, broadcasted its first set of ads on the 2nd of August 2022. The premise of the ads was to enlighten whilst also entertaining the Indians on the widely unaddressed male intimate hygiene segment and the much-required necessity for it.

Their illustration of an Indian household and its drooping dynamic with male intimate hygiene is surprising and impactful.

Two women pitching a brand that exclusively sells male intimate hygiene products certainly sounds unique. But this exception might have served in the favor of Ananya and Anushree Maloo, who just achieved a deal of Rs 25 lakh for 20% equity on Shark Tank India.

The notion to turn on Nuutjob, they say, came from seeing the men around them battle to find a competent solution to maintain good hygiene. This was also stirred by the fact that male hygiene is less talked about, they remark.

In India, male intimate hygiene is a hush-hush conversation, still, Nuutjob dares to express that conversation least uncomfortably with humor, drama and wit. Their set of three ads depict situations in the following order:

The set-up of conventional Indian matrimony and cleverly relating it with the supremacy of an impressive male intimate hygiene is surprising and mind-boggling.

They’ve governed to dramatize the actual story behind the origin of the brand by illustrating the ill effects of using unreasonable talcum powder in the bathroom (Warning: It can be very very severe.). Their re-iteration of “Lagaya kya” by employing a protagonist who can’t assist but scratch down there in public, is super-relatable and puts the limelight on the lesser-spoken topic. With their stunning mix of ads that quickly relate to their audience, Nuutjob steps closer to building their male intimate hygiene brand, a household name and an addressed necessity. The campaign has three films.

The campaign depicts an Indian household and its drooping dynamic with male intimate hygiene. Presently, Nuutjob delivers three products — an intimate wash, a deodorizer, and an intimate moisturizer. “The products function towards anti-chafing, preventing discomfort due to sweating, preventing bad odor and itching, and enabling conserve a good pH balance,” adds Ananya.

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