PVR track open total 125 new screens during FY2023: Gautam Dutta


PVR Cinemas recently announced its latest innovation in the cinema advertising space since its comeback after the pandemic. For the first time in India, Maruti Suzuki has introduced a 270-degree screen-advantage in cinemas to generate more excitement for the brands. Maruti Suzuki has become the primary advertiser to use the platform to launch the all-new 2022 Maruti Suzuki Brazza in theatres. an experiential view of the merchandise is on display for a week at select PVR showrooms in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Bangalore This differentiated offering from PVR in association with XPERIA Group, an OOH media company, includes the use of 3D projection mapping on the sidewalls of hybrid technology integration.

Projection mapping can actually transform ordinary ads into attention-grabbing ads, giving content a whole new lease of life PVR recently announced its unaudited standalone and consolidated. financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2022 The results said that Q1 FY’23 was the smoothest quarter ever in PVR’s history in terms of revenue, EBITDA and PAT, the company posted its best-ever ATP of Rs 250 per quarter on the back of global and original supports that resonated with Indian audiences. The quarter was marked by the release of a string of domestic blockbusters like KGF: Chapter 2, RRR, Vikram, Bohol Bhuiya 2 and Hollywood mainstays like Doctor Strange and Top Gun Maverick which performed exceptionally well at the box office. KGF 2 was the best grosser ever for PVR with a net box office of Rs 121 crore across the theatre circuit.

In an interview with Ad gully, Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR Ltd, talks at length about the vision behind innovating cinema advertising. how the cinema business has performed over the past year, trends in movie content consumption patterns and much more What is the vision behind the launch of the primary experiential advertising concept in the cinema? This time, cinema was completely unique to break the inertia of inactivity in advertising Since its return, cinema has worked tirelessly in the space of innovation on the screen to create more excitement for brands.

conventional approach. Probable sectors that might be interested in experimenting with this offering in the context of Cinema Advertising would be Mobile Phones, Automotive FMCG, Consumer Durables and Apparel PVR launched the exclusive “PVRRR” NFT as part of its unique association with D.VV. Entertainment, the producers of RRR PVR delighted the winners of the competition on PVR and SPI Digital channels with exclusive digital collectibles from the film.

It was created in an extremely new way of outreach, aimed at a whole new generation of movie lovers. It gave die-hard RRR fans access to the film’s iconic digital collectibles and gave them an exclusive social experience to digitally interact with the film. Winners benefited from capturing their experience watching RRR films to have timeless and unique digital art created on film. What are the trends you are seeing in cinema advertising right now and how have they evolved over time? Cinema advertising played strategically where traditional media seemed unable to, i.e. active consumer engagement and experiential marketing through ATL & BTL offerings under one roof. In cinema, there are many manifestations of different brand integrations and impact solutions. Recently, we have seen an inspiring case study of the integration of names and experiential marketing.

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