R Program and its impact on Data Analysis


Data science is undeniably one of the coveted career prospects. Currently, the kind of admiration and demand this field relishes draws every moment of our attention. With the whole world shifting their career gear towards the enchanting world of data, having a reasonable idea as to what is required to outshine workwise becomes crucial. There are established fundamentals that when grasped would uplift your standing among your peers. R language is one among them. It is impossible to visualize data science without R. Here’s why.

Before re-counting why R has a key role to play in data science, let’s first try to understand what exactly is R. R is a software environment and statistical programming language that is explicitly built for statistical computing and data visualization. The parts that R majorly accommodates to are – statistical analysis, visualizing the data, and manipulating data.

R is considered one of the excellent languages to make the best of data. Even if you are a newbie with no prior coding experience, R  is extremely easy to learn.

Now since we have a reasonable idea as to what exactly is R, Here are some of the reasons why it is an extremely useful subject to learn.

Learning data science gets a lot simpler with R – Though Python is said to be one of the utmost user-friendly languages, Beginning with R has its own set of advantages – the most important being – how R is programmed with data manipulation and analysis in mind. Thus, gaining knowledge in the core skills of data science – data manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning – can be a lot easier in R. The fact that data science includes dealing with both structured as well as unstructured data is the purpose why R is profoundly used.

R is every tech firm’s favourite

Google, Facebook, HP, Uber, whichever company you choose you might find yourself surprised to know that all the top tech firms prefer R over other languages and they hire data scientists who excel in the same. It’s not just tech firms, banks and other financial institutions, research labs, academic institutions, and pretty much all these fields that require data to be analyzed, so they make use of R language.

A Godsend for statistics

R is the desired programming language of most statisticians. This is mainly because R’s syntax can create complex statistical models with just a few sentences of code

Free and open-source

Another part that draws attention as far as R is concerned is that it is open-sourced and free.


R contains a lot of packages and other resources that are wonderful for data science. This is for one reason and that reason is that R is designed keeping statistical analysis in mind.

Now that you know how much of a standing R holds in the field of data science, Ready yourself and start studying R because the opportunities this language provides are truly magical!

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