Rang De Neela Collaborates with Andheri Cha Raja Ganpati Pandals and showcases videos about Non-Communicable Diseases and Diabetes

Rang De Neela Collaborates with Andheri Cha Raja Ganpati Pandals and showcases videos about Non-Communicable Diseases and Diabetes

Rang De Neela, a public health-awareness initiative, has collaborated with Andheri Cha Raja Ganpati pandal as part of a mass outreach initiative to showcase educational videos on diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. The initiative aims to create awareness about chronic health conditions and their prevention through artistic and creative means.

Rang De Neela is an initiative launched in 2022 by Dr. Rajiv Kovil and Dr. Ami Shah with a vision to promote health education and awareness among the masses. The initiative emphasizes the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes through healthy lifestyle choices.

During this year’s Ganpati festival, a series of educational videos produced by Rang De Neela, and supported by Biocon Biologics, Novo Nordisk, and Mankind Pharma, will impart health education. Senior doctors from across India along with Kathputli Artists have teamed up to create the health-awareness content. The videos are aimed at educating the public about the causes and prevention of NCDs and diabetes in an innovative and engaging manner.

 Dr. Ami Shah, Co-founder of Zandra Healthcare and holder of a Ph.D. in Social Sciences says, “Kathputli art is an ancient art form that is performed by puppeteers who use hand-crafted puppets to convey stories, tales, and legends. The art form is native to India and has been used for centuries as a means of storytelling and entertainment. Now, the art form is being used as a tool to educate people about health issues. We are very excited to launch this initiative in partnership with Andheri Cha Raja.

Dr. Rajiv Kovil, Diabetologist, Chairperson at Zandra Healthcare, and Co-founder of the Rang De Neela initiative says, “The collaboration between Rang De Neela and Ganpati pandal is a unique initiative that uses traditional art forms to drive social change. Conventional faith suggests that Bappa’s blessings are sought before any auspicious event, and this is our Shubharambh of crafting the Nation’s Health. We believe that through this collaboration, we will be able to reach a large number of people and create awareness about NCDs and diabetes. By using Kathputli art and educational videos, we hope to engage the masses and make health education accessible to all.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative. We believe that as members of society, it is our responsibility to create awareness about health issues. By supporting the Rang De Neela initiative, we are contributing to the larger goal of creating a healthier community,” said a spokesperson for Andheri Cha Raja, Shri Shailesh Phanse.

The Rang De Neela initiative is a testament to the power of art in driving social change. By using Kathputli art and educational videos, the initiative is creating awareness about health issues in an innovative and engaging manner. The initiative is expected to create a significant impact on the community and inspire others to take action towards creating a healthier society.