Ravivaar With Star Parivaar – Destination on Sundays


The affection and loyalty of the audience that tunes in at the designated time to enjoy it all makes the difference between a good show and a hit program. One of Star Plus’ top-rated Sunday prime-time non-fiction programs, Ravivaar With Star Parivaar, has repeatedly demonstrated over the past nine weeks that it has what it takes to draw viewers in for more. Millions of Indians have decided that this is a family-friendly program worth watching on Sundays as scheduled.

According to BARC data, the program significantly increased weekend viewership in the PHGEC category by 22%. The number of viewers for the broadcaster Star Plus increased by 258%, increasing its market share from 11% to 33%. PHGEC’s television audience share increased from 25% to 30%. A remarkable 99 million people have now seen Ravivaar With Star Parivaar, with a significant portion of them being men, and that number is rising week over week.

Anupamaa and Imlie, two of Star Plus’s most well-liked fiction programs, were adapted into a non-fiction style in what may be considered a first. A lot of PG-rated fun and games are incorporated into the show Ravivaar with Star Parivaar to make it appetizing and approachable to a broad segment of the audience across demographics.

Unsurprisingly, the program debuted as the top program in the aforementioned segment nine weeks ago. Since then, it has kept the audience interested in the content week after week. It continues to perform well with a 1.7 TVR season average, which is high for the Sunday night prime time slot when it airs.

The fiction-meets-non-fiction program reportedly attracted a lot of attention from women in families and also developed a devoted and fervent fan base among men.

According to BARC data, younger men and women have been loving the material that places their favorite fictional characters from the channel’s top-rated fiction shows, such as Anupamaa and Imlie, in a fun, competitive game-show setting. There is a lot of banter and humor throughout the show. The program is the ideal synthesis of the best elements of nonfiction and fiction. The current season of the show is predicted to continue to have a high enjoyment factor in the coming weeks because it is continuously drawing excellent numbers each week.

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