Amazon’s ad campaign for Alexa leaves cinema audiences awestruck


Amazon’s Alexa crew recently hit the theatres to create an impressive 30-second commercial. The ad marketing campaign aims to reinforce the message – “Alexa makes smart home less difficult” – using the fact that the target market enjoys controlling lights and various household appliances with Alexa, which cannot be controlled with the palms of their hands.

In a revolutionary cinema marketing campaign, the ad begins to unfold with a voice commanding Alex to dim the lights. To the surprise of the target audience, it is not best that the lighting inside the commercial is dimmed, but the lighting in the cinema is additionally dimmed, so it is the exact environment for the movie experience. The instant wonder element left the auditorium buzzing and stood as a testament to the target audience observing the innovation. The timing of this immersive Cinepolis advertising marketing campaign is to build the emblem of Alexa’s connection with the smart home, ahead of the main day on July 23-24, 2022, where customers can experience up to fifty-five percent off Echo devices and smart home mixes.

“The simplicity of asking Alexa and having things done is an absolutely magical experience. It makes life less complicated and even more convenient when you can control your smart home devices with your voice,” said Parag Gupta, director and head of Amazon Devices for the United States. “We hope this experiential advertising marketing campaign at Cinepolis, PVR & inox will encourage customers to explore comparable uses of Alexa in their homes.”

Dhruv Jha, co-head, media brands content studio, IPG enthused, “To ensure that the ad can resonate with the target market and capture the best share of voice, we carefully thought out and innovated with kg media (Khushi Greenline media) and they screened it with Thor: love & thunder in 200 views in tier 1 cities in Cinepolis, PVR & inox. Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular voice services and we had to impress the target audience with an unforgettable miracle while fulfilling our patron’s goal.”

“We simply love how amazon Alexa advertising always delivers the enjoyment quotient to our target audience,” said Devang Sampat, CEO, Cinepolis India. “We were captivated by the modern idea of ​​creating contextual product placement, i.e., dimming the auditorium lights with an Alexa command, simply before the movie started. This marketing campaign is a great example of how innovation in cinemas can enhance the overall audience experience and create preferences within an advertised product.”

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