OMA Cinemas announced a tie-up with PVR Cinemas India


PVR Cinemas, India’s top film exhibition firm has formed an exclusive partnership with OMA Cinema in France. The news was announced at Cinema Con 2022 in the metropolis. It is the world’s largest and most vital gathering of picture palace owners.

The Cinema was constructed by Pierre Chican, a prominent French architect who has developed many of France’s most cutting-edge cinemas over the previous 30 years. The weird tiered balconies, and pods, inspired by the planning of famous theatres and opera houses, allow audiences to own a novel, convivial movie experience while enjoying the beautiful view of the film.

Pierre Chican, founder and president of Ōma cinema told that they are excited to motivate a unique and proprietary concept of Cinema pods to India with this exclusive traffic congestion with PVR. Their designs were sure that each pod within the auditoria was exclusively designed just right.

The globe of films and fantasy now has another feather in its capital. PVR has always been on the leading edge of technology and has established one of all the best uber-luxury cinema chains whole world, serving as a thought to several.

PVR has been earlier than the curve, providing a robust and healthy development year after year, with bespoke experiences and more sort of a realm of play. With so many diamonds in their crown, Oma will have a definite spot that cannot be duplicated or manufactured because of Pierre Chican’s unique property.

PVR’s chief growth and strategy officer, Pramod Arora, stated that as a serious out-of-home entertainment destination, there are curious about developing theatres with additional experience features that aren’t achievable in a very homey setting. They need always be at the forefront of design architecture and unique concepts, ensuring that their patrons get to experience the enchantment of films and make a wonderful memory each time they visit the theatres.

He goes on to mention that OMA pods would be a non-public area delivering an unrivaled personalized experience of viewing a movie on a really large screen alongside carefully made F&B options, in addition to a chance to host a non-public cinema party with friends and family. Many businesses are at home with having their box at sporting events, and they will soon have the choice of getting one in an exceeding cinema as well!

Unitedly with Reliance Jio Drive-In and Maison PVR, the House of PVR, PVR has opened India’s First Rooftop Drive-In Theatre at Jio World Drive in Mumbai. A six-screen uber-luxury multiplex cinema in Mumbai with three intrinsically designed concepts, an exclusive color theme in each of the three premium auditoriums, LUXE screens, and a viewing room for personal screenings, in addition to expanding its luxury formats with the launch of First Director’s Cut in Haryana, following the success of First Director’s Cut in the capital of India.

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