Raymond’s to foray into ‘made-to-order’ garments for woman


Feb 19, 2013: ‘Complete Man’, the Raymond’s brand is now on its path to become a brand for ‘Complete Woman’ as well. Raymond is set to foray into ‘made-to-order’ garments for woman as well. The company though has women’ wear under its flagship readymade brand Park Avenue has really not been able to create a mark in the women’s apparel category in the past. Earlier it had exited from ready to wear segment and withdrawn women’s wear which it used to sell under the brands like Be, Parx and Colour Plus.

Raymond with its ‘made-to-order’ women garments will be entering the ‘Made-to-Measure’ business. These garments would be manufactured from its facilities in Bangalore. Raymond’s has been in the ‘Made-to-Measure’ category since last five years and has got nearly 45 outlets in India including one in Dubai Mall. The company will be selling these made-to-order garments through its stores and it also has plans to deliver the garments at doorstep of customers through van delivery operations.

Raymond’s though has been facing stagnation in terms of growth and profitability has got some very aggressive plans for the future. The plans for the future includes expanding the ‘The Raymond Shop’ through the franchise route and also by offering accessories like cufflinks, bags etc. as part of its product offering. Though the challenges in the made-to-measure business is immense as volumes are very small but ‘customised tailoring’ is considered a niche segment is said to have high margins and this is where Raymond’s would be looking at to capture the market in the ‘made-to-order’ garments for women.


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