Rediscovering Tradition with a Fresh Look: Parsi Dairy Farm’s Story of Unchanging Purity, Retold

Rediscovering Tradition with a Fresh Look: Parsi Dairy Farm’s Story of Unchanging Purity, Retold
Rediscovering Tradition with a Fresh Look: Parsi Dairy Farm’s Story of Unchanging Purity, Retold

Mumbai, 20th November –Parsi Dairy Farm’s story is retold after 107 years. You asked why. because “We owe this city something precious for the love it gave us in all these years”. The 4th generation of Parsi Dairy Farm’s objective behind expanding, and modernising the outlets, is to carry forward the legacy and also come closer to their loyal customers.

Traditional recipes with no preservatives are what Parsi Dairy Farm has been about since the beginning of its journey. They have retained the same ingredients and purity but with a wider range of products for their customers. Parsi Dairy Farm is coming near you, they are opening their 3rd store in Borivali on 25th November after a successful opening in Ghatkopar on 25th October.

Aesthetic Transformations that Embrace Growth, Change & Preserve Our Identity

The red door is a new addition to the aesthetic and modern décor of the outlet, it adds to the excitement of modernizing Parsi Dairy Farm. The expansion is happening because of the love and respect Parsi Dairy Farm received over the years.

The blue and red colour is a symbol of Parsi Dairy Farm. Hence, it is still dominant. However, they have used it in different ways and added some more brighter shades and tones too. The beautiful colors used in the store of Parsi Dairy Farm make it look bright and airy while adding a modern twist to the traditional design of the outlet. The small seating area is a sweet spot for their customers to sit and enjoy the sweets, dairy products, and savory snacks displayed at the store.

“While Architectural detailing and intricate finishes bring alive the space’s historic façade, the brand and the store have been given a refresh to a modern, future-ready business with state-of-the-art technology and the strategy to take this legacy into every home in India. This growth is supported by the 300 + acres of farms in Talasari,” says Bakhtyar K. Irani.

The store is inviting all its lovers who couldn’t access Parsi Dairy Farm at its Marine Lines flagship store or the Ghatkopar store can visit the Borivali store from 25th November onwards to devour their favourite products.

Our next store is in the perfect new location

Borivali is home to an affluent population in the suburban region. Borivali West is a developed and very accessible area with 2 railway stations and, a metro line. It is also the hub for all foodies and tourists, they have markets, bustling shops, and restaurants that a lot of people visit especially because they are open at night as well. It has a vibrant culture because people from different communities reside. Borivali has a very peaceful yet fun vibe due to its dense population.

Preserving Tradition, Elevating Technique: A Revitalized Experience

“Embracing a fresh aesthetic isn’t just about change; it’s about bringing a renewed experience that resonates with both our cherished long-time patrons and those joining our journey anew” says Zeenia K. Patel, Parsi Dairy Farms 4th generational owner. “For over a century, our focus has remained unwavering – to stick to the basics and do them well. It’s a principle that our beloved patrons have come to trust, as we offer unchanging purity of our recipes while modernizing techniques”.

“Our Mithai collection, with its Rajasthani influences, continues to retain our heritage. These delectable confections are crafted by the skilled hands of over 40 Rajasthani Maharaj working in our karkhana. But our repertoire doesn’t end there. In fact, we’re thrilled to retain over 80 distinctive Mithais and more than 30 dairy products,” shares Parvana S. Mistry, one-fourth of the 4th generation co-owners. As a driving force behind creative dishes and modern ideas, she strives to infuse her unique touch into the brand — From the creamy indulgence of kulfi to the richness of ghee, the familiarity of everyday dairy products to the innovative charm of “The Great Indian Toffee, each offering is a tribute to our legacy of unchanging purity. As we open our doors, we invite you to the next chapter of Parsi Dairy Farm where its new look with nostalgic flavours will write for itself.”

Tailored Gifting and More: A Holistic Shopping Experience

Parsi Dairy Farm is a celebration of culture, purity, and modern techniques. With the 4th generation coming forward and expanding, they have found unique ways of spreading joy through their new gifting hampers. They are an expression of love, care, and celebration for all their customers to share with their friends, family, and colleagues.

The brand and its love are just growing with each passing year. In the last 50 years, Parsi Dairy Farm has sold SKU 50 million plus revered kulfis. It is a reminder for them of all the smiles they have brought to people’s faces, all of the positivity it has spread to millions of people over the years, in its sweet way.

Introducing the new look of “The Great Indian Toffee”: A Fusion of Flavors and Packaging

The new toffee counter is an addition to the beautiful décor of the outlet. It is the most talked about addition. “The Great Indian Toffee” previously known as Milk Drops, is a journey into Indian flavours. It has a new look packaging that attracts both the old and new customers of Parsi Dairy Farm.

“With this toffee, we’re taking the flavours that carried all 4 of us through our childhood and infusing them into an irresistible treat. It’s not just about childhood nostalgia; it’s about sharing a piece of our legacy with the world.” says Zeenia K. Patel

The four siblings share a common belief: to embrace change while staying true to their brand’s essence. “Our offerings are woven with the love and trust you’ve given us, and we’re thrilled to introduce this new addition to you.

All our products will have a new look — rest assured, the contents inside remain exactly how you know them,” says Sarfaraz K. Irani, Parsi Dairy Farms’ other 4th generational owner.

We invite you to join us on this journey to take our unchanged purity from our next generation to yours.